“There’s a person I want to do a favor for…”
“You mean female?”
“Yes and-”
“You want to date her via this help?”
“No! I’m dating her close friend.”
“Intriguing display of selflessness. You have my intrest.”

I can’t wait to see how this ends actually. These two do not like each other.

Meh, I feel like their whole situation has mellowed out a bit. They aren’t like friends or anything, but they don’t really seem to actively dislike each other that much either…

To me- it looks like Ed is reaching for some Kill Bill swords.
(One is for Reggie, of course. We must be fair.) :)

Hoo boy, Reggie is gonna find out about Ed and Nina isn’t he? Let’s see how he takes it!

Wow. I just browsed twitter, + looked at some twitter pages of some of my: favorite webcomics’ cartoonists, + some of my favorite…non-webcomics-type artists.

Twitter didn’t allow me to do that, for a few days. Yay!

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