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I don’t usually talk about the pages anymore.  I prefer to let them speak for themselves.  I just wanted to say, however, that I stressed about letting Jolene’s weirdness carry this one.  As some of you may have noticed the art style is in a state of flux.  I mean it still looks like my art, but I’m trying to break free of doing the same angles all the time.  I want the comic to be the dynamic thing that’s in my head.  So I’m trying to learn new things and apply them to the comic.  It’ll even out as I get comfortable with it.  I hope you enjoy the effort I’m putting in to making the comic better.  I know I don’t say it all the time, but I appreciate you all coming to read my mind numbingly slow work.


woot go brooksie ill let you even borrow my katana to make thinks easier, but please clean it before you give it back so his acid blood doesnt pit the blade.

*shrugs* the “mind-numbingly” slow speed is in your mind dude. You update far more consistently than a lot of the other places I read at. Consistently, as in even when you were having panic attack-esque things happen you still managed to put out pages. I’m just glad your server hasn’t decided to demand large, copious amounts of blood as a tribute to their continuous function. =P

You’re not slow at all. I have problems even working on my own web comic, even though I work out plot and scenes on an almost daily basis in my head. I haven’t finished a whole page in ages, so don’t feel bad, I think you’re doing great. True, you’re not Simon Bisely, but then again, who is?

HA! I knew something was different. Change happens slow, at least when it concerns this. We will wait, patiently, the bus will come soon.

Uh, that was a poorly written metaphor, but we will wait nonetheless.

I say boy, boy are you fishing for compliments? It’s not worthy of you. You manage to keep to your schedule much better than many of the comics i follow, and even in times of stress and such you keep the arc moving and the quality of the work up.

I noticed that the art was changed, and figured you were working a new program or a new piece of hardware, and hadn’t quite gotten it where you wanted it. My nephew teaches animation (ex-Disney animator) and he grumbles everytime he has to master a new “toy”, “never had to update my pencils..harrumph.”

Keep up the good work.

Bad Brooksie! You dump his body into a methane collector like they use for large cow carcasses, or dump him in a very caustic acid. Feeding him to pigs gives them a taste for human blood, and you end up either starting a killer pig incident or you end up with the cops finding the human chunks before the pigs finish, and you get extra years tacked onto your sentence when they convict you.

I just found this comic and its everything i have ever wanted. it fulfills my needs for great characters, shiny art and witty dialog.
thank you.

I’d say that your storytelling style is pretty awesome, and I’m with everyone else; your consistency is great. I so often find a comic on the internet that looks great, could have just started, and within a month it’s gone. Nothing. Nada. You on the other hand, you make it happen, and it’s consistently funny, besides consistently here.
By the way, I’m digging how in the lower panel Jolene is further away. It makes the perspective more dynamic which adds to the three dimensional quality of a picture, and you’re doing it well. Keep on rocking!

first of all this is one of the most consistent webcomics i’ve ever seen (only seen 2 more consistent one of which updates almost daily) and second of all it also has the type of story that just draws you in and makes you crave more

and i thought i was the only one who thought up horribly disturbing ways to get rid of the bodies! i like hers it is wonderfully creative. plus its got the added bonus of being a green energy producer. this is going to heighten the standards we shoot for in our “i can get rid of a body better than you” conversations.
and i made that sound like a freighteningly frequent topic, but it really isnt.

She actually wouldn’t even need to cut him into bite-sized pieces. Pigs can devour an average sized human body in thirty minutes, bones included.

to you, the author, the art is fantastic.

to you, Whezzy, more of Joline’s arms and more of Nina’s stomach ;)

I think I now know who I am. I am Jolene,. ‘cus I’m shy and when I hate someone I think how she thinks about them.

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