Poor Edward. I like that they’re (mostly) getting along. Reggie’s really come into his own recently. He’s actually nice to be around.


That’s debatable. I think it’s less that he’s nice to be around and more that he’s a good enough guy where it matters to be worth putting up with his crap. And I say that while actually rather liking Reggie.

He’s the kind of friend you trust, but sometimes kind of want to strangle. The ones who aren’t fair-weather friends because they *can’t* be – the friendship is always a little rough around the edges and is never fair-weather in the first place. :P

Although the trick is distinguishing those types from people who are just toxic and you cut too much slack. Not always so clear-cut, even with the same person. Can depend who they’re talking to. I think the big factor is if they actually respect the people they’re giving crap, of if they take them for granted.

Evrina’s a great example. She’s riding that line with Alex. She gives Alex a lot of crap and can be fairly cruel with her barbs, but she’s protective of her as well and has repeatedly shown respect for people with thick skins. Even so, it looked to be like she’d started to slide into that latter category when Reggie gave her a wake-up call.

I dunno. Maybe I’m reading to much into it at 4 AM.

“Buy only” in the last speech bubble. Also, it’s nice he’s trying, but I think Reggie would earn more favor if he’d grow into a better poker face.

Heh, heh!
Ed is a good sport/a patient guy. :)

This is a seriously weak zinger, not even close to Reggie’s best work…
…ALL birthdays are “previous”, except for once a year, when it’s “today”.

Was he trying to pinpoint Edward’s LAST birthday?

In this context last and previous mean the same thing. The birthday before his previous one would be the penultimate one. Then when he has his next every birthday moves up a spot.

Thanks Jackie, you have a good weekend too

Loving the comic btw. Might use that line myself, but on myself. Get in the short jokes before they can.

I think I’ve posted before. Under another name probably…

Yea I think Alex is mellowing Reg out a little bit.

He really DID walk right into that one, though. Reggie couldn’t even pass on it because it would inevitably be a low blow or low-hanging fruit.

The funniest thing about all this is that Reggie was never that much taller than Ed, so he really isn’t one to really speak.

Who am I kidding, the funniest thing about all this is Reggie’s face looking like he’s about to burst trying to hold that zinger in.

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