1742 Fresh Coat.

I was having a cinematic kind of day. In so far as my abilities allow at any rate.

You know I don’t laugh out loud at much. I find a lot of things funny but not to the point of laughter. Because of this I tend to remember moments when I do actually laugh audibly. The last time I did was over the Lego Batman movie. Lego movies have a strong record with me as far as this goes. So I’m pretty excited about the Ninjago movie. The writers have written some of my all time favorite shows. Clone High in particular, which I still think is hilarious. (Fun fact, They got the actor who played clone Abe Lincoln, Will Forte, to reprise the role, in a way, as Lego Abe Lincoln in the Lego movie. A figure I wanted to get but could never find.)

I don’t love the original Ninjago show. I don’t hate it or anything, but it’s… Pretty pedestrian. Most of Lego’s shows are not exceptional. They come really close in some cases, but don’t quite get there. The stuff based on other properties tend to be a little better because they let loose with more meta humor in them. The Lego movies have really improved upon the ideas the company has had to the point that people of all ages can enjoy them. I hope they keep it up. I actually liked Legends Of Chima, but a movie based on it would still be welcome.

You know, I’m actually not familiar with Bionicle enough to speak to the quality of the shows. I know they have a fervid following even today, but I’m not sure if it’s because the fans grew up with it or it’s actually fantastic. I never checked it out because I always found the character designs off putting. Anyway, it was still on shelves as late as last year so the series had a loooooong run. As far as I know it’s retired now, but maybe it isn’t.

Does anyone remember Galidor? It was this huge Lego failure in the 90s I think. I only think of it now because Lego has started to reference it in new products. The Ninjago movie sets have at least two references to Galdior in them that I know of. Anyway, it’s fun that they aren’t afraid to poke fun at themselves by way of remembering things that didn’t go over so well.


I do indeed remember Galidor, both the tv show (vaguely) and the browser based game. the show was… slightly better than the power rangers shows of the era, and the game was a decently entertaining timesink.

not sure why, but when I picture Rulette talking I hear in my head the voice of Sadie from Steven Universe, or at least the same voice actor.

The Bionicle that ended last year wasn’t the original Bionicle. That ran from 2001 to 2009. Lego brought back the theme with a new story in 2015, after Hero Factory ended. (So Bionicle ended up replacing its own replacement.)

I remember Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension. It was like the last series of the Fox Kids thing that completely failed and the entire Fox cartoon bloc went poof. I remember it and Bionicle series being similar.

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