Been reading the comic since the first year I believe. I was younger than the cast mostly then. Now I am older. I don’t know how to feel about that.

Just remember that Charlie Brown and crew are all still in grade school.
For better of for worse – did have all the characters age and the dynamic changed as time went by till it reached a point where there was no more family hijinks to talk about.

A while back we went through a comparative height thing for the comic.

Looks like we are headed toward a comparative age thing next.

Always curious about this sort of thing as it plays into character design.

I’m currently 71. I was 9 years older than both of my wives and am at this moment 6 years older than my girlfriend. It’s all about how old you feel and act. Even today I still have folks who don’t believe my true age. They assume I’m much younger. Go for it I say. Enjoy the person and the time with them.

I know, my lyrics don’t match the song’s rhythm, but, anyhow:

Buddy, you’re a YOUNG man, [ hard] man

…, gonna take on the WORLD someday!

You got NINA on your face! you big disgrace!
Waving your banner all over the place!

Heh, as a bartender, it’s funny how many people I’ve heard decided they’d never drink again after they’ve tried alcohol when they’ve turned 21 or tried it when they were younger, only to find themselves giving it another try a few years later.

I was sorta the same, but I saw alcohol different at the time too. Friends would drink to get drunk, but I still wanted to hang out with them. Then I learned to drink to relax, and then I got experienced in making really good mixed drinks. And from there I became the bartender of the friend group. Ha ha! =D

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