933 Little Prince.

Remember when I was all about those blind bag MLP figures? I finally got a replacement Lily Blossom for the one with the fucked up hair. I went online and got the updated code list. On my latest excusrion into the world I happened upon a fresh box. Just for giggles I also marked the bags I checked, before I found the one I wanted, with their character names. XD So some kid will be able to get the exact pony they want if they want one in the first half of that box.

I also had a long conversation with a lady who was restocking the Lego section. She was curious about what I was doing with my iPod and the blind bag Halo figures. So I explained the whole affair. She posited that if they simply sold the figures there would be less theft. Which is hard to argue with. I understand the thinking behind blind bags though. It appeals to the gambler in people. Even kids. The idea that you could find a rare figure is enticing. Of course I hate games of chance, so I cheat.

Whoever makes the Mario Kart construction sets decided not to encourage theft. Their bags are marked clearly. Lego is also offering inexpensive character packs. I saw some Harry Potter ones. I don’t have any use for them, but it’s cool that you can get the characters without having to but a playset now.

I remember years and years ago hearing about how popular blind bag toys are in Japan. It took over a decade, and an economic colapse, for us to even try them. I used to ebay pvc Transformer figures that were blind box. of course I knew what they were so it wasn’t the same thing as finding them in a store. They released a domestic version on blister cards. In fairly limited numbers really, but we did get some of them. I think I got all that they ever released here, in addition to a few from Japan. The very last one I got was Skywarp, and it was way after they were in stores, but I wanted all 3 seekers.

Anyway, whatever…

I had some Nintendo Club points left from last year, and they told me they were going to expire, which I think is BS, but that’s just how it is, I guess. So I had to use them. I didn’t have enough for anything super good, not that there’s a world of option there anyway… Eventually I settled on a carrying case for 3d2 games. It can actually hold regular DS games too, which is good because I only have 2 3DS games. It showed up the other day. There are a few options for the sleeve insert. None of them all that great. Right now I have the Princess Peach/Yoshi one in. I didn’t fill it with games. I left spaces for Pokemon Conquest and whatever the new Pokemon will be called.

the Nintendo Club has started offering DLC for points, but so far it’s all been crap I have no use for. It’s progress though.


glad you found a replacement. As for the comic, Thomas truly is a genius in his own way, isn’t he? I have been known to do something similar, but not to that extent…

Darn it, Crave — what did I tell you about these NSFW strips? Now they won’t let me work next Saturday.

Yeah, the hunt for blind-bagged items is annoying, but I can at least think of one upside: with the K-Nex Mario Kart guys I had a heck of a time finding Bowser. I don’t know why, but he was not in friggin’ ANY of those boxes anywhere. And there was always a big pile of figures! Just never any Bowsers.

So I hate searching through blind-bags to get what I want (or looking up codes) but at the very least, it gives me a better chance to actually get what I want.

…’course I don’t know if that’s really worth the theft and overall annoyance. Funny thing is that the Lego guys are SO popular, but I’ve rarely seen any open packages lying around. But I’ve seen a BUNCH in the Pony box! So…more theft with ponies than with Legos?

That feeling when you see “Machiavellian” in one of your favorite webcomics… just after coming from a Social Studies 30-1 diploma prep course… where you studied “Machiavellianism”…

…Carol, you beautiful creature.

You know we all love you.

And Thomas, good thinking. Make ’em owe you for not turning their asses in.

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