934 Yesss.

For the record, she’s saying yes like Beast Wars Megatron.

They have these displays of lolipops at Wal-Mart that are all like “gourmet lolipops”. They never seem to move very fast. As far as I can tell at any rate. It could be that they are just keeping them well stocked, so it only seems like they never sell. In any case, the lolipops are really good. They almost never have those bubbles in them that you cut your tongue on. I like them very much. Calling them gourmet might be overselling them a little, but they are super good. Provided you like whatever flavor you get. I always get cherry, or grape. I didn’t see grape available on the display, but cherry is almost always a flavor choice.

Candy flavor doesn’t usually taste like whatever it’s supposed to be. It’s more like someone doing an impression of a flavor that makes you think of that taste. Apple flavoring tends to be green, so I assume they are supposed to taste like granny smiths, which is fine but they aren’t my favorite. I’d rather that they try for red delicious, but all I’ve ever seen that smelled like those was soap. It’s my favorite soap though. I want to taste it, but I’m pretty sure the taste won’t match the smell. Orange tends to be the only flavor that actually tastes like what it’s supposed to. Candies, but still pretty correct. Except with those one jelly beans. Those taste like whatever they say they will. I like the Dr Pepper ones. I suspect they are similarly bad for you though.

This next little part with Carol and these two was really fun. Sometimes the characters really surprise me, even as I’m drawing them, with how perfectly they play a scene, or even deliver a line. I understand that I’m making it all happen, but the happy accidents that I don’t directly control almost make them all seem apart from me, and I’m just telling a story that they wrote. Even though they don’t like each other these three have a chemistry that is incredibly entertaining to me.


Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been watching Beast Wars on Netflix this past week while making comics, but I read that in my head as Megatron saying it even before scrolling down and seeing how that was just the intent.

I generally prefer candy tastes to normal tastes, but I’m someone who prefers processed stuff to actual stuff, like I’d prefer a bologna sandwich (which I can’t eat anymore, most bologna has milk proteins in it…), to, say, a steak. I prefer processed chicken and chicken nuggets (just not the McD’s kind) to chicken on the bone (the gristle and tendons and bones make me gag).

The exception is grape, because grapes aren’t bad, but grape candy either tastes like cough syrup or it tastes really sour in a terrible way, like… something rotten, maybe.

Also, slightly related, i was really impressed by pringles’ 7-layer-dip and pizza, before I couldn’t eat them anymore… they’re pretty spot-on and I didn’t expect it.

Oh, I can’t wait to see the resolution of this storyline… it’s some great fun so far.

Yeah, those suckers just don’t seem the same as I remember them. Perhaps I just got sick of ’em. I remember them from years ago when I was a kid still in Boy Scouts; they had ’em at the Trading Post (name of the store; no trading involved except for the usual money trade) and we all bought ’em ’cause they were freakin’ amazing…at the time, apparently. Since I was one of the older kids at the time, me and a few others were the only ones with money and thus the only ones with the suckers, so we used ’em as bardering tools to get the younger ones to do work ‘n such.

Seems like I remember way more flavors than what I see now, and when I get one every so often it just doesn’t taste as good as I remember.

When I was a kid — I’m thinking late 1960s or early 1970s — our family used to shop at this warehouse store that bought out overstocks and run-ends and whatnot. They always had weird stuff we just didn’t see on the East Coast — off-brands, store brands and local products that came from half-way across the U.S. One Saturday afternoon (easy to remember — we always did the Manchester run on Saturday, because the Connecticut Blue Laws kept everything closed on Sunday) Mom found a big bag of these individually-wrapped candies that looked like little Macintosh apples. They were a little bigger than a sour ball, and red and green like an apple would be.

We broke open the bag when we got out to the car — probably Dad’s old ’66 Dodge Monaco — and everybody tried one. They tasted exactly like a Macintosh apple. The texture was kind of weird, sort of like a very hard spun sugar. Mom said they cooked the mix to ‘hard-ball’ stage then whipped it — she knew how candy was made. They were crispy-crunchy if you lost patience with them, but the manufacturing process left little voids in them that would cut your tongue to ribbons if weren’t careful (@Crave, I know you’d hate that).

I haven’t seen them before or since — although I’ve kept my eyes open for them lo these forty-odd years.

I don’t mean to nit pick, but I’m going to nit pick. but beast wars megatron says it Yeees, with the emphasis on the e, they way you’ve spelt it reads like it’s being said like Ka out of jungle book.

Okay nit picked, keep on being awesome duder.

I’ma hafta get some of those lolipops then. i usually get tootsie pops but they always have a crack :(.

love this page!!!btw. can’t wait to see who gets used as a human shield [accidentlaly or otherwise]

Jelly Belly’s Jelly Beans. I don’t know how they do it, but they managed to get everything from half & half bars (orange creamsicles), to margaritas to earwax and coal (they had a harry potter stint for a while), to exist in jelly bean form. Then, you can mix flavors to make even more things. Like 2 blueberry beans and a popcorn bean make blueberry muffin. I love teh jelly belly. Also, at 4 calories a bean, a 3 oz bag is a meal. So enjoy at your own risk. I too enjoy the Dr. Pepper ones. :P

Would love to have Carol say,”Yessss” to me. Unfortunately, I know it would be in response to me asking,”Do you think I’m stupid?!” Hopefully I’d be smart enough to have a recorder handy and some editing skills.

Damn the “yes” with multiple s’s.
My first impression was:

Like a sort of “yeeeEEEEESSSssssss” with an upward inflextion on the middle bit.

Tootsie Pops and Smarties suckers are really the only suckers I can get my hands on (not that I’m complaining).

My mom said that when she was a wee lass (so… before fire was invented) that she and one of my aunts actually took the time to see how many licks it took to get to the center of a Tootsie pop. She sent her findings to Tootsie Pop, and like a month later, they got an INDUSTRIAL SIZED bag of tootsie pops, they had suckers for like a year!

…. I should do the same thing. But do I have the patience? =.=

The Moment I read this I slipped into the Megatron voice. I love it! I loved Beast Wars when I was younger, and I even made a point a couple of months ago to go back and watch a few episodes to reacquaint myself to the show, Thanks so much for hitting the nostalgia buttion!

I’ve had those gormet lolipops before. I think my top 3 are rootbeer, orange, and … Cola. But i like most of the flavors. I saw the weirdest jelly beans not long ago, though i don’t remember where, it was a pack of 6-8 with “burger” flavors. I wanted to try it but… That was far too weird for me.

Just kinda wondering when you’ll get around to the ‘my little pony’ references now…(did you see it in the transformers movie?)

I’ve never heard Beast Wars Megatron…

… but the way it is being expressed around here sounds exactly like the way Slithe from Thundercats (original) says it.

She’s a very special girl. Very few people have a warmongering, purple t-rex as their spirit animal.

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