… And my axe!

Sorry everyone, I just couldn’t let the call for a bad, overplayed joke go unanswered.

I’m curious how this is going to play out. Interesting, but not unexpected in retrospect, that Reggie went looking for Thomas before going to his father for help. May that pride-preserving move not end in disaster once more for him…

“…Just the man I’m looking for!”

“That’s unsettling.”

Heh, heh!

That’s so awesome!
I walked right into that one. :)

Thomas thinks this is unsettling, but he’s about to meet Good Reggie.

Let’s hope that, “Good Reggie”, is less evil than, “Reverse Flash”. :)
[What’s Reverse Flash’s superpower? Does he run really slowly?]

So, there’s actually a weird thing in DC, where every source of energy has a separate counter version that was hidden away behind the source wall. For the Speed force, there’s the Still Force, which can freeze people in time, and even stop the universe from expanding. That would make sense for the reverse flash, but instead it’s a dude named the turtle.

Instead, reverse flash has the Negative Speed Force, which is freaking stupid. It’s the same as the regular speed force, but red, and can negate the regular speed force. Oh, there’s also time travel.

Was the Still Force supposed to be a counter to the Speed Force? I don’t recall for sure, but weren’t the Sage Force and Strength Force also behind the Source Wall and released in the same event? What were they counter to?

Honestly, the Negative Speed Force makes more sense to me in a Matter/Anti-Matter sort of way. Also, depending on the continuity the Positive Speed Force is fueled by positive emotions, like love, while the Negative Speed Force is fueled by negative emotions like hate. The Reverse Flashes were supposed to be dark reflections of the Flashes, not opposites (also, not all of them draw on the Negative Speed Force, that’s mostly Professor Zoom and Reverse Flash, Zoom is just out of sync with the flow of time, Godspeed actually uses the Positive Speed Force, I think Savitar did too, and I think the female reverse flash (I forget her name, but she wore a green costume and I think was from the future?) used Velocity x9 for her speed, not any of the speed forces), so being fueled by the Negative Speed Force makes far more sense than the Still Force, not to mention the Still Force (as you’re describing it, anyway) is an incredibly recent thing coming out in the last few years while the original reverse flash, Professor Zoom, has been around since I think the ’60s (although I think the source of his powers might have changed at some point, as I’m not sure how far back the whole Positive/Negative Speed Force thing goes).

Yeah, that’s really odd to me-
Flash is in the real world, + has speed-power.
In the dark copy of the world- Flash’s enemy also has speed-power, but it’s not a mirror-opposite of Flash’s power.

Maybe it would make more sense to me- if all the villains + villainesses in Reverse Flashes world, wore beards like Evil Spock! :)

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