LMAO! i know! guys are always looking at me and asking me out, and i’m like: “is this cause of my personality, or my chest?”

A smart guy would say personality. A truthful guy… Idk, because I don’t know you. There can be multiple reasons. Chest would probably be one of the reasons with most guys. I would know being a guy myself. I like to think of myself as smart; though there is no doubt in my mind there are people smarter than I. I also like to think of myself as truthful, therefore, before I ask any girl out I like making sure she “Fits the bill” so to speak. Jolene Brooks fits the bill for me. WHY DO I FALL IN LOVE WITH GIRLS THAT DON’T EXIST!?!?

A smart guy might say personality… but a smarter guy would say “both”.
Caustic personality, driving nature and a fine rack make for a rather optimised combination.
Only thing she is missing are glasses. Everyone is hotter with glasses.

The physical attributes will attract a lot of guys. But, on their own, they won’t keep most guys.

And the few they will keep, you probably don’t want.

I have to say… I’m really liking this guy’s attitude, I can’t help but laugh and nod at just about anything that comes out of his mouth.

It sounds like Carol knows how to keep Tommy’s crazy quarantined. Pity she’s a jerk about it, but I guess I don’t see her befriending anyone without the sheer arrogance or pragmatism to ignore the insanity.

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