1448 Elevenses.

Eleven is two more than she usually runs at! Nina is too smart not to understand what she was doing to those two. Perhaps she was even reveling in it for the sake of establishing her dominance. I wouldn’t put it past her.

It’s been a rough couple of days. My shoulder has been bothering me, which slows me say down when it comes to art, and throws off my game. Please try to forgive my less than 100% efforts. At some point I’m bound to get better and then I’ll make up for all of this.


The thing is that they were very willing victims. Nina knows how to use that.

Well, technically speaking, she was to be the victim of their game. Woe to those unaware that Nina has probably been naked in front of other ladies in the past.

Not to mention how unprepared Jo and Jess were to witness the spectacle that was her in a pink thong.

Great comic. I think you mean “wily,” however…”Wiley” is a friend of mine at work, and he’s not a blonde. Or tall.

No, no, no, she thinks that she’s Dr. Wiley from the Mega Man games; who time after time managed to fool dr. Light into thinking he was a good guy; which is pretty wily*.

*Of course for those of you who’s read the Bob and George comic, it might be hard to let go of the idea that Dr. Light is more gullible than a 2-year old kid, and with a short-term memory worse than a dog.

I thought Wiley was a coyote who kept The Acme Co. in business.

That’s Wile E. Coyete.

Wile E. Coyote is really NINA???

I had no idea that she was that sexy. ;D

Let’s all take a moment and think of Nina in rocket skates from Acme .

I want a friend just like Nina. Hot and flirty but not without boundaries. And though she knows she’s hot, she doesn’t flaunt it in the way a braggart would, but rather stays humble about her flaunting. If that makes sense.

When you bask too long in the sunny beauty…That is Nina, then you get the enjoyable “sun stupids”.

“The sun stupids”, is that happy, warm, funny feeling you get- from sitting in the sunlight for too long.

: )

Your twitter tweets had asked: [who the richest clown is], or who the richest clown was, [” was” probably meaning whom is the richest clown, today].

I can’t say- but in oct. 2015/today-

Wikipedia says that the Cirque du Soleil [tm] circus made about $850 million in USD, last year, while [the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey circus [tm] ] made about $ 1 billion in USD, in 2014.
The RB + BBC info is from forbes.com . This info, about these 2 Circuses, also doesn’t include all the big circuses, worldwide.
So one possibility could be- if these 2 circuses pay their [ top clowns] well, then the richest clown might be from 1 of those 2 circuses.
This has been your TLDR clown-trivia break, for today. ; )

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