1708 You Missed.

Sometimes I get a dumb idea and can’t let it go. Enjoy. In my head Ed’s voice is muffled, but every time I try to depict muffled speech some dumb fuckhead comes into the comments asking what the hell is going on. So enjoy this dumb page, dumbed further because of that.

I’m going to the doctor tomorrow for my regular medication check up and whatnot. It will also likely begin the process of getting my c-pap supplier changed to a company not run by fat, lazy, hipster, lumberjacks. Fingers crossed.

I’m tired. Later taters.


Kind of asking the same thing Soloran did. Also, while not quite how you wanted to portray it, my brain added in the muffle even before you mentioned it in the block beneath.

Note to self
Date tall girls

It has it’s pluses and minuses… The comic already points to a plus. As for a minus.. well when it comes time to go further you sometimes need to get creative if you don’t want to use a latter.. tho it is fun to experiment. Lol

If I didn’t know Nina better, I’d swear she did that on accident. But we all know she’s too precise for that.

I think Ed’s happy with either outcome. To be fair, so would I. Kisses are nice. Boobs are also very nice. Also, it’s very likely he’ll be more than welcome to both now and in the future. ;)

Hey Jackie, if you don’t mind me asking. If I asked to let me insert color into the earlier pages like faaar back. Would you be fine with it or against it?

Pretty sure he would not like that. The lack of colors was an artistic choice, which you’ll notice was immediately rectified when the first kiss happened.

Yeah, At the time of this post I actually reached that page and got a refresher of why he did it. So I’d honestly take back my question since I forgot the approach.

Silly Ed, that’s why you have to hold them gently first, to make sure they don’t move away or trick you with some antics like that :) But as someone stated, he’s probably fine with this turn of events too.

Jackie, good luck with the health thing. My routine checkups are terrifying… Fortunately they happen less frequently now. Mmmmf meeefft did fthf, doh!
(My mind did that too. The mumble). , also, I laughed so hard the neighbor’s cat came over to see wtf was up.

You know that old saying, “Shoot for the moon – even if you miss, you’ll end up among the stars”? I think Ed finally understands that expression.

I might be mistaken but it looks like … You (all) Missed that Nina was distracted by something into missing a kiss … her expression in that panel makes me think that this Miss wouldn’t miss missing whatever made her miss that kiss …

So I have to ask-where do lazy, hipster lumberjack shop?

My bet is on Chop Topic.

I can tell that you that you shop at chop topic

Are you suggesting he really did need to axe?

I really don’t know what to say!
I mean: I am not some kind of [hatchet man].

I wood split, but I maul fired up for these puns.

“I maul fired up…”, Hee hee!

I’d come up with more [wood puns], but I can’t lumber myself with that task.

Well I guess I’m barking mad, I was sure you wood beam with joy at taking a whack at this treemendous opportunity, but if knot I won’t pitch anymore at you without resin.

Heh heh!

Your skill to create puns is at a master level. : )
But, I’m very tired, today…so, today I must concede, and bough down to your masterful puns.

Nina seems a little distracted in the second frame, could she be nervous of people seeing them kissing? could nina have a shy side? food for thought.

Everyone in the restaurant is now looking at me for how loud I laughed when I got to the bottom. Excellent!

Because your kiss (your kiss)
is on my list.
Because your kiss (your kiss)
I can’t resist.
Because you kiss is on my list
for the best things in life!

This is sort of like:

” I kiss the wall’s hole, and not your lips at at all!” – Shakespeare.

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