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Over the last year, or however long it’s been, Overwatch has been part of the constant background noise of my life. Team Fortress 2 occupied a very similar place before Overwatch. TF2 had no female characters to speak of, so there was genderswapped porn all over. Overwatch has sex characters of all stripes, so all bets are off for porn. Porn is how I relate to these games because I don’t have the systems on which to play them, but all the people I watch do, and can draw. The other side of that is the outrage engine. Tracer’s butt censorship, and now the hubbub over her sexuality, were crackling nonsense in my digital ears. Of course, the fact that it is the crackle means that it broke through the other noise and crossed into the land of people who don’t really care. Long story short, enjoy this little nod to an image I’ve seen about a million times, in varying states of undress. Tracer is really gangly compared to Jo. It took quite a bit of fiddling to make the limbs not look long and tacked on to her shorter frame.
Anyway, I’m going to take the image from the last panel and stick it on Patreon as soon as I get it set up. The link is Nina on the sidebar if that entices you at all. Not sure how long it will take me. I fell asleep this afternoon while I was trying to do it and am just now waking up to actually finish. The resizing is always a little awkward in Manga Studio since I learned in Photoshop.

In other news I bought a retired set of Lego on ebay. No box, water damage, ect… But Lego, so water damage isn’t really a thing. All minifigs removed. That was the sad part. I really wanted the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels when it was on shelves, but couldn’t get it. So I waited until I could get it second hand. It took a long time but this was as good as it was going to get. Original shelf price, no figures. The set has too many parts I don’t have to make one out of spares. I have the figures out of the cheaper sets except for Zeb. He’s exclusive to The Ghost. As of yet he’s been in no other sets. On a whim I asked Lego if they would replace him because he’s $20 minimum right after market. Which is why the original owner of the ghost sold off the figures. Anyway, Lego is, very kindly, sending me a replacement. Hopefully that means he’s going to be in cheaper sets soon, so everyone who wants one can get one without having to pay an insane resell price. Once he shows up I’ll have the entire crew of the Ghost.
I actually was able to make the Phantom out of spare parts. The colors don’t match in every case, but it’s the correct specifications to fit on the Ghost. (It’s like $55 after market…) Although I did have to substitute a few parts with ones that are similar to the right ones. And I changed some things on purpose because I felt the original design was slightly flawed. I was actually surprised that I had most of the weird stuff, like the canopy and angle parts, which were even in the right colors. They reused parts from older star wars sets from the late 90s, which was back when was originally buying just Star Wars sets as a way to unwind after shitty days at work. I had a lot of star wars parts by the end…


She’s cute, and she knows it. Always a dangerous combination….

Just remember: all generalizations are false by definition.

which makes that generalization false, of course.

depends on how you are phrasing it. if you are calling “all generalizations” as a singular event/noun, then the statement can be considered true, if its separating all and generalizations, then it is contradicting itself.

speaking of cute, is there any way to get that frame with Jo as a background? (maybe with both feet showing)?

*wonders if he’s the only person that thought of dumbingofage with Jo’s comment in the first panel*

Yeah the link to dumbingofage was the first thing i thought too… Do we know if he even reads that series anymore, i thought there was a sort of internal love/hate thing going there with Willis.

DOA is one of two webcomics I read daily, just so you know.

Nice! DOA and BF are the two that I read regularly.

Man, I have 25 comics bookmarks that I read weekly, this one among them, along with following about 70 mangas (each swamping the comic production page count when they appear).

I’d almost think it was time to cut down, except … it takes you like 5-10 minutes a week to read just 2 comics, right?

Belatedly, during my catch-up, DOA is one of my three daily stops in webcomics, with Between Failures and Scenes From A Multiverse being less than daily. DOA is why I’m here, in fact, as someone invoked Brooksie, and I was curious.

I fell in love with your webcomic about as quickly as I fell in love with The Devil’s Panties, so I’m catching up at considerable speed. I see a lot of myself and my friends and so on in Thomas and the crew.

Great work.

Outside of the rabid-fanboys ™ it is pretty well established that there is an ongoing love-hate relationship from the reader base.
Willis penchant for trolling, reading the comments section [censoring as well] is no small part of that equation.

Note that in Dumbing of Age, the whole “dress up as a superhero” thing is, in fact, a severely traumatized young woman’s dangerously misguided attempts at self-therapy. The whole scenario is, at best, dark comedy. So I don’t think Willis himself would disagree with the sentiment that dressing up in a mask and fighting crime is, in fact, deeply unwise. Amber has a deeply damaged psyche, and is not capable of processing it (and doesn’t make use of even the meager resources available to her for help). So, Amazi-Girl, because it beats cutting.

I wouldn’t say that only idiots engage in vigilantism for the long haul, because many people defy the law to protect what they deem to be right, for years on end. Although I WILL say that only idiots would engage in vigilantism without preparation, mainly in not getting caught or revealed.

So if Brooksie is Tracer, then who are the other BF cast members…? ;-)

(Someone else may need to figure this out, as I’ve never played Overwatch. I don’t do much computer gaming anymore, and the only current gen gaming system I have is a 3DS)

Jo is about a perfect example of my preferred female body type (i.e. petite), so I always enjoy it when she gets to ‘strut her stuff,’ as it were.

I love how you treat your female characters with respect, while not denying the sexual aspect of their beings. That balance is hard to strike, and you do it well. Don’t let anyone tell you different. ;)

I hesitate to ask, and I half expect “wait and see” to be the answer, but are you moving Jo and Jess towards a polyamorous self-discovery arc?

If you do, just please treat it in a healthy way. Communication is key to any good relationship, but in polyamory its 1000x more important. Plenty of poly people learn this the hard way, and even more “poly” people never learn it and end up giving horrible experiences to partners. Adding to that how often poly is misrepresented in what little media and social awareness there is of it (cheating, cuckolding, abusive relationships, and more all represented as “poly”) it is kind of important, to me personally but more importantly to the collective awareness, that people see it represented properly.

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