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I did way more versions of this page than normal. I’m usually pretty firm in my vision once I decide to start a page, but I shopped this one around to a few readers on the discord to see if I was off base. It doesn’t happen a lot but sometimes the events of my week sometime get me out of sync with my work. Anyway, I got there in the end. A place you could get to is patreon where you can support my work with money, since google ruined advertising on websites.


Whoa, insert *that’s Growth* meme here. Allowing himself to be ‘seen’ in a personal situation, let alone by someone who he isn’t all that close to (which is pretty much everybody)? You go, Reggie.

Good for Reggie.

This is the point in life one often realizes their normalized upbringing isn’t everyone’s upbringing. Only as a young adult did I recognize that the time and attention my parents indulged me and my siblings with wasn’t enjoyed by all my age peers.

it is nice to see Reggie growing as a character. He started out as a seemingly spoiled brat but truth is he wasn’t the spoiled one at all, he is just…REALLY BAD at communicating.

There is a very big difference between being a father, and a Dad.

Anybody with the right equipment and be a father. But, it takes someone really special to be A Dad.

I am fortunate that my father is a dad. He is my Dad, my mentor, my conscience and my best friend.

Embrace the wisdom of who you call dad.

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