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There’s been a crusty little spot on my arm for over a year. It’s not like any kind of a mole I’m familiar with, but it was very small and I couldn’t feel it at all. Yesterday I must have scraped it or something because now it’s twice as big and it has a dull pain. I had intended to get it removed someday if it started getting weirder looking, or started hurting, or something that seemed sinister, but with the covid still roaming around getting someplace to have it removed is a hassle. I would just do it myself if I could still see well enough to accurately cut myself without making a mess of it. It seems to just be on the skin anyway. Unfortunately I can’t actually see well enough anymore to tell what all needs to go to be rid of it. Anyway, dealing with it will cost me money now, so I remind you of the patreon. I understand however that times are tough.


Do. Not. Remove. It. Yourself.
Call your local physician and explain all of your concerns. I knew a guy who had a benign mass hanging off his face that easily covered his cheek. Had it for years. I talked to the guy and he went into the low cost/free clinic. About a week to a month later, he had it taken care of and he looked so much better.

Hear hear. Jackie, neither do you have the training to know that you are treating it correctly by self-surgery.

You guys never let me have any fun…

We’re not saying you can’t “play doctor” with your significant other, but something like this is not the time to play at Civil war field surgeon. Let a pro take care of it, get it tested to be sure it’s safe.

Probably the best advice….Or you could try the Okie laser and try to cauterize it. See, you take a magnifying glass on a sunny day and….yeah, probably better consult a professional. (that didn’t go so well…)

Since you mentioned Robin Williams on Twitter, I’ll note that the movie Jumanji has now existed longer than his character in that movie was trapped inside the game.

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