2354 No Father Time.

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I amused myself a little too much with the page title…

I went back and forth with myself over his scene & decided to go ahead and do it because of something I might want to do later. It’s a breadcrumb for myself. A comic crouton. Like in a salad. You know what reminds me of salad? Money. You know how I get money most of the time? Patreon/Subscribestar. Maybe I need a salad. A money salad, with coins. NAILED IT.


*Cough* *sniffles*

This is good!
Jackie, Please [stop] making me cry, today!
I’m older than 17 and stuff…..and…I like to think I can hold up to great stories like..,!
…(Sorry, I need some time alone, right now. I mean it.)

Hahahaha even I forgot she was there.

I gotta say your advertising blirts he end of the posts are pretty funny. If i wasn’t already a patreon it would def convince me

I’m not crying! Shut up! YOU’RE crying!

Seriously though, that was great stuff. She shows up at just the right time and her eyes go full anime with tears.

Now here is a Reggie that I can get behind and support. I definitely want to see more of this down the road.

I feel ya, Jo. Before (and sometimes even after) I bore the sin of making eye contact, most people in my friend groups would completely forget I’m there. People have said some weird shit in front of me…

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