They may be quiet but look at Regie’s face. That sort of talk has a way of laying peace over old broken places. He did more for Regie there than either of them probably know.

Alright, this has been an absurdly touching, and refreshingly real-feeling feels-trip you’ve taken us on.

It’s good stuff.

My Dad managed to get real a few times, when I was growing up. His childhood was a train-wreck, but he did pretty well almost all the time. A little short on patience, but he was good with words when he could find them.
This page, (and the one before it) made me So happy and for a minute, whistful.

I hope that “a little short with patience” is the worst my kids can say when they’re grown. And with that as a benchmark I’m pretty sure I’m failing.

That’s about accurate enough with guys. Even more so when dealing with other family members. Me and my dad might’ve had one or two deep conversations on emotions and where we stood bout every 6 months and then back to dealing with the rest of life’s never ending bullshit

Just awesome. Real male bonding without the need for hurtful stereotypes. You have such nuanced and effective characters dude.

Really liked how you did this and the last page, really hit in the feels for me. Also, really like that the Patreon seque is back.

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