2223 Dish It Out.

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Evrina is a classic bully. A little push back & she starts to fold. With Alex it’s a little different because her mean comments are part of their relationship that Alex accepts as part of Evrina’s personality, & she knows Evrina doesn’t really mean what she says deep down. Getting a an equal response, from Alex especially, throws her off her game. Evrina doesn’t always register how mean what she says is. The irony is that if anyone else had pushed back it wouldn’t have had much effect. She actually cares about what Alex thinks though. It’s a strange dynamic that I’ve seen many times. It would be safe to say that I have a lot of Evrina like tendencies. It is difficult to be my friend too. I think that’s one of the things than is an important difference between a friend & an acquaintance. Friends know when you don’t mean it.


I am a proud follower of this comic for many years now and I will never leave because this level of dialogue is to die for. I’m going to be looking for an opening to use the glass houses “I like the view” line for years xD

I wonder- maybe, partly, Evrina’s bullying comes from a fear of HER [being bullied or being severely emotionally hurt].

Maybe it’s sort of a tactic of: if I am a dog/hound + I see a big group of dogs- if I jump into the yard, and scare them off with a lot of barking, then I prevent them from getting a change to hurt me.

Something like that.

Have we ever seen Evrina blush? (I may have to do some archive digging.)

Maybe in the furry arc, but I couldn’t swear to it.

Oh noes, the furry arc! Don’t make me go back there!

No one is asking you to wear a collar and dog tag. Don’t panic! It’s all harmless fun…until someone asks you to fetch a newspaper.

A friend is someone who’ll say to your face what they won’t say behind your back. A friend is someone who’ll help you move. A best friend is someone who’ll help you move a body. Someecards says,”A friend will calm you down when you are angry, but a BEST friend will skip beside you with a baseball bat singing,”Someone’s gonna get it!””

Dear Heavens, I just Love that first panel. That look captures or rather projects what you have led us to believe she is feeling, gah, it communicates so much with just the face. And because they are true friends, having stunned her prey, she won’t go in for the kill, even though no one would blame her… Ervina might deserve it,but no, they’re friends.

( Just to clarify, no offense meant to people who have crosses as religious symbols. I’m talking about cross-shapes in general.)

In my mind-

Evrina + Jo are kind of similar-
when Evrina feels worried or vulnerable, she acts all angry + bitey to protect her feelings.

When Jo feels worried or vulnerable, she acts all hide-y + please-be-nice-because-I-am-cute to protect her feelings.

I cannot express how gratifying it is to see Evrina taken down a peg. I can tell deep down that she really isn’t a bad person at her core, but she’s still an obnoxious bully who isn’t used to people throwing what she says back at her.

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