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I don’t have anything particularly important to say so here is an update from the Teen that many of you asked for:

Not So Teen Corner
Oh boy a life update? Where to begin I live such a fascinating one. Sarcasm, that was definitely sarcasm. I can’t say I have a whole lot to report to you Interweb peoples. I told myself I would keep writing updates and send them to the filthy adult for you all once I moved out, I’m not sure why I didn’t so I’m sorry for that. Adult life is much more work than I expected. I wanted to grow up so bad my entire life looking back now I’ve come to the conclusion that I was an idiot. I constantly try to convince my aunt and the filthy adult to let me move back home but to no avail. I must live my most adult life now. I ended up in management at my job mostly by accident my boss at the time let’s call him…Leroy had his favorite manager quit at random (mostly because Leroy was awful) and he sorta just handed me the keys and said good luck kid and from there I’ve worked my way up to the assistant manager position which I thought I desperately wanted (I believe I was wrong) I was mostly looking for more money I suppose because ya know living tends to be pretty expensive. Although I suppose it’s pretty good experience to have and hopefully take somewhere less hellish eventually. Currently it seems I may be up for another promotion that I’m not positive I want but I’ll have to update you guys in a week or so on that one once things are semi finalized. I spend a good amount of my time working 10-12 hours shifts or more not to exciting unless you count the endless Karen’s I deal with on a daily basis. Karen’s really love their chicken and they love to complain even more! Especially when they know that they will get free stuff they don’t deserve out of it. I could tell a few stories but I’m not sure my overlords would approve, you know they are always watching. When I’m not working I’m mostly catching up on the fun adult things like grocery shopping and cleaning. I tend to run around a decent amount helping my family with various things as well. My sister is still a pain in the ass. I’m the younger sister so that should definitely be my job. I spent a good 6 months or longer (it felt like an eternity though) *cue dramatics* being her personal taxi driver due to her poor choices. She would always wait till like 10 minutes before she had to be somewhere to call me and insist that I stop whatever I was doing and take her where she wanted/needed to go. Definitely was not my favorite thing. She recently got a car though so now I spend a good amount of time demanding she bring me coffee to work or take my fiancé random places he needs to go because ya know payback. Oh yeah I’m engaged! We’ve been together about two and a half years now he’s pretty great for a weeb. Slowly there are wedding plans being made but no rush we’re both still young and far to broke to afford a wedding at the moment. We are saving though and hoping for a Halloween wedding in the next few years. I think that just about covers everything my very tired mind can currently think of to tell you all. I will do my best to start writing updates again more frequently. Goodnight? Day? Whatever it is where you all are!


I wonder what Alex’s eyes look like in the last panel. Does she look craftsy like Nina? I know you draw them ?

Goodnight. Good morning in an hour. Konbanwa, I believe

“Konbanwa” is the greeting mainly used between the hours of roughly 5PM to whatever time one sleeps. There really isn’t a polite greeting for the middle of the night, since culturally speaking it isn’t proper to be out socializing at those hours.

Signed, your resident Japanese Language Nerd

Congratulations on getting engaged, not-Teen. I’m glad to hear life has been treating her well. That’s some weird kind of closure.

It’s good to hear that the Teen is adulting with a reasonable degree of success.

I am glad someone is. I am in my forties and am adulting far less well now than my 20-30’s My kids really deserve to have had me parenting them then instead of now. Unfortunately for them it was an associated decision for their mom and my own cumbling stability that led to me having them when I did. So it was either “don’t exist” or “this is the dad you get”. A real devils bargain, not that they even had a choice.

Heh, Alex going in for the counterattack. I wonder what an Alex-sized Evrina would look like…

Alex can be quite cutting when she wants to be. It would be pretty ironic, and perhaps karmic if after all the times Evrina has made jabs at Alex’s weight she ends up a similar size or perhaps even heavier.

Congrats to the Former Teen, more updates.

And and and isn’t this continuing the family tradition of suffering through retail? Fresh ideas for Jackie to feed on.

Adulting is trying, and if I’ve learned anything in the past 42 years, it’s that it doesn’t get easier. It didn’t even get any easier when (I thought) I retired. Now that I’m back working again, it’s harder than ever.

Good on you for keeping the job and getting the promotions. There’s something to be said for being in the right place at the right time.

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