1604 Twigg.

Jolene’s family story hasn’t been fully explained. She has mentioned a bit here and there. I can’t remember every place exactly. I kind of wish I’d thought to make note of stuff like that, but it’s just one more thing a person can’t squeeze in to all the other stuff.

Speaking of other stuff, I have another Halloween image in the pipeline. As usual there are unfortunately outside influences keeping me from getting to it. I did get as far as a sketch at least. I’d actually like to do one for every cast member, but I’m not sure what to do about the boys. Cute witches are easy to come up with, but a male equivalent is not. How do you make a sexy wizard? There’s a range of styles for witches, but with dudes it’s monks, or old monks, basically. Maybe I can just do it Fire Emblem style and make the male witches essentially the same as the female ones…

Anyway, the teen in in town and I have to go pick her up. So I’ll see yous guys later.


Can her Uncle be Michael Winslow from Police Academy?

I can see the Mike Winslow reference.
Yet for some reason I am getting a (Super)Trooper Ramathorn vibe from this cop.

If the point is to make the guys in sexy Halloween costumes, then the solution I think is obvious: vampires. Dracula, Lestat, Edward…

I was going to suggest monsters in general, not merely vampires. You’ve got your werewolves, mummies, fish creatures of lagoons that are really dark, flesh golems like Doctor Frank made, xenomorphs from beyond the stars, the list goes on and on.

Barbarians with bits of fur and leather and HUGE SWORDS.

Or maybe the pilots uniforms from either Evangelion or better yet Macross.

Stock answer for guys… probably the classics. Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman…

Ed would make an amazing wolfman.
Thomas is a schemer and John is a charmer, they’d make good vampires… though John is shaggy enough to make a great wolfman, which could relegate Ed to something none can match him at: shirtless barbarian. Of course, Mike makes a decent barbarian, but he could be a Knight. Armour isn’t really beefcakey though, so I’m at a loss for Mike. Oh, wait! Plumber! Give him a Mario costume, and then make it skimpy.
I think that just leaves Reggie, and maybe Wes if he counts. Wes could make a decent Frankenstein’s Monster, but nothing I think Reggie would look good as seems like something he’d consent to wear. Perhaps a djinn? Yeah, that works.
So: Thomas the vampire, Edward the barbarian, John the wolfman, Mike the plumber, Reggie the genie, and Wes the patchwork.
They could rock those costumes.

I was thinking of Jo’s past. she said she suffered a “hurt” that made her hide her [eyes’ + hair’s] colors.
Did we ever find out what happened to Jo’s eyes + hair? Was she in a car crash or something? I really want to know.

She naturally has bicolor hairs “like a skunk” (start here: /comics1/869-why-do-her-eyes-change-color). Same for the eyes, she’s heterochromatic. She was mocked too much, so she decided that if she has to have funny hair and eyes, she wants to decide how they looks.

Sexy wizards etc – generally some of the same rules as for girls’ costumes apply here. Skimpy, borderline bondage style on a hot guy, more or less. If you don’t mind looking at comic porn, I’d suggest looking at the archives at Oglaf (oglaf.com). Other strips which you might find things in – Humon, who does Scandinavia and the World, also has some stuff on her deviantart and her non-SatW strip (http://humoncomics.com/).

Basically though, general rule of thumb is that almost any costume, male or female, can be pornified by taking pieces off/making the pieces smaller/more bondage-y. I mean, if you’re into that. (I don’t judge. YK(maybe)INMKBTOK.)

*tries to translate that last part*

Your kink is not my kink… but ’tis our kink? No idea for those last letters.

And this is a seriously adorable page. Now I wanna see more of ‘Twigg’ when she was little and whatever she did to earn that nickname. ^_^

BTOK is for, “but that’s OK” or ” but that is OK”, I guess.

Love makes the world go ’round, but abbreviations screw us all into a big, big pile, I reckon. : )

I could probably think of at least 3 possible expansions for that acronym.

and at least 2 of those would have to involve koalas

Your Kink Is Not My Kink (But That’s OK). Old old old OLD abbreviation from my IRC days. (I’m old, what can I say.) Sorry, didn’t realize it was so obscure. I blame late nights with my 3 week old baby!

When I see Brooksie in the last panel, all I can think of is:

“Here is my birthday present!…..My precious-ssss!” : )

Interesting to see more background with Jo.

The sexy copout with guys is usually just to remove their shirts, draw muscles, etc. Though I’d love to see a sexy witch guy. There should be more sexy male costumes.

You might have to channel Nina for ideas on “sexy wizards”. Something tells me it involves Hogwarts robes with no shirts underneath (At least, that’s what the webcomic The Devil’s Panties would have me believe after the artist visited a nerd auction featuring Harry/Draco cosplayers).

for the guys’ costumes, if you still want to go with Wizards, take a look at Ryze from League of Legends, or The Sign, from one of the x-comics starring Jubilee

Suggestion for guy wizards: open robes (with pants) and no shirt. That seems like something ladies would enjoy. *shrug*

Male witch costumes that are basically the girl witch costumes on boys sounds awesome to me.

They could also go as familiars? Like Kyubey, or Artemis from sailor moon. If you were hoping to keep on a witch theme.

for males you can go the style of tuxedo mask or phantom of the opera basicaly large flowing capes and stylish suits which can fit the wizard motif or you can go the way of the swashbuckler like for instances the hero in the princess bride maybe a heman outfit

What you wanna do is look up pretty boy anime. Like one about a swimming club.

There’s your reference material.

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