1603 Code Blue.

This character has existed on paper since the beginning, but IO never introduced him because cop uniforms are so fucking hard to draw. They have a million little things on their uniform. I also named him in two seconds after never actually bothering to think of a name. His surname comes from another comic artist I like. Here is his old comic page. He started out with a shaved head and no mustache and slowly I kept adding things because I didn’t like how he looked without. Now he looks a little 70s to my eyes.

I kept redoing the text because I wasn’t sure how much sass Carol could get away with, but since he hits on her I decided she probably read the room and realized she could get away with a lot.

Here’s a Halloween image of Nina. Enjoy it.


Calling Officer Long-rifle! Calling Officer Long-rifle!
[Was Officer Birdsong on “Adam 12″…or was it called, “Adam two on ONE?” I forget]. :p

Judging from carol’s upbringing, I wouldn’t put it past her to be able to wrassle an uncouth cop. That’d be interesting to see.

Bad news for Brooksie? Cops and fireman always bear bad news when they seek you out. And I know this because I’m a fireman.

Eh, he looks a bit too happy (and willing to hit on Carol) to be the bearer of bad news.

You know I thought that at first but then I remembered the positive demeanor Cheif Larr had when he and I went to tell a family member that their husband was in the hospital with a burned and broken arm.

Don’t trust the smile folks, it’s there to ease the blow.

Hi Jackie. If you don’t like drawing cops’ uniforms, in future scenes with Birdsong: you can do the Lethal Weapon thing- and draw him in street clothes, with his badge on a neck chain.

Once had an OCC guy tell me that he guessed that something was technically within regs, to which I replied, ” Good, Id hate to have to hit you over the head with a shovel, bury you in the river, and dump your truck on the Mexican border.” He felt that I’d put a disturbing amount of thought into this option.

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