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I never made a habit of putting in extra notes about little things like timing in the past, but I started doing it every so often a while back. The one on this page kind of goes for a lot of these multi story arcs. Everyone’s stories are going on simultaneously, so Really when something happens to one group I tend to jump a little way backwards or forwards to whatever is going on with another. Generally it doesn’t matter. Even now I don’t need to really spell it out. People will just assume that the parts with each group follow the other parts and not think about it overmuch. But really if all the stuff happened and then each group just stopped while they weren’t on screen the time would extend for each scene to a wild degree. This is also part of why the first two chronological days take around 300 pages to tell. All the players are moving in time and space such that they meet up at the right times and places to do the things that make the story. Most of the time you, as an observer never really need to make note of it. The only reason I did it here is so that the sky would match the time of evening they are in rather than it being fully night like it is for the other groups already. If they were indoors it wouldn’t matter at all. Arguably it still doesn’t, I just wanted to put it in so I did.

Anyway, I got back from Thanksgiving a couple hours ago and finished this up. I hope you all survived the holiday. If you died and are sticking round on the mortal plain to check out where my story goes first, I admire your dedication, and second I will miss seeing your comments. If you are still with us in this veil of tears. and would like to support my work, please do so with the links above. In these dire economic times it is a big help to this humble comic merchant.

Have a safe weekend. I will see you back here on Monday hopefully. If not I will mourn your passing in as much as I will notice your absence. On that cheerful note, later taters.


Any woman who doesn’t appreciate some cheesy flirting is not a woman worth your time. Assuming, of course, like Ed and myself, your flirting style is mostly cheese, obviously a woman who appreciates whatever your natural flirting style actually is is the one that’s worth your time, and any woman who doesn’t is the one who’s not.

Now, when I say cheesy, I don’t mean disingenuous, or coming off like a canned line, or whatever. The sincerity is what really sells the cheese and makes it adorable rather than skeezy. I’ve found that women can usually tell when you mean it and when you’re just flattering them to get your way. When I tell my girl that she is the most beautiful woman in the world, as far as I am concerned, that she is the love of my life and I want to spend every second of every day for the rest of my days with her in my arms, and that I’d do anything for her, even storm the pearly gates and slay god himself if I felt I had to, she knows I mean it and eats it up BECAUSE she knows I mean it with every fiber of my being. But if she heard the same crap from some rando she’d be put off because he can’t possibly be coming from the same place of love that I am, and part of what makes it so endearing when I say it is because *I* am the one saying it and she obviously likes me for some reason and has grown attached. I wouldn’t say those things to some random woman, either, I’d have to mean it.

Sincerity matters, and reciprocity makes a difference. She knows Ed sincerely means it, and she likes him enough to enjoy the affection from him. And it helps that she likes it cheesy.

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