949 Chance.

The title of this one kind of comes from something I’ve noticed in anime. Which is when someone is about to make an attack of oppertunity they either mutter, or shout, chansu! (at this point I fell asleep for 2 hours at my desk. The comic posted itself as it was meant to without me finishing my thoughts. XD) I don’t know how this became a trope in Japan, but it must come from “now’s my chance!” and I think their way is better, because it gets the point across much faster in an action scene.

Have you guys noticed how nice I’ve tried to make the backgrounds look? I thought the 4-ways were really pretty. At least in so far as they can look pretty. I try so hard for youuuuuuu. T^T

I needed to glue one thing with superglue (other glues are available) so I went around trying to find other things to glue first. I did this because once you open superglue it’s over. you can’t use it twice. Once you open a tube you may as well pour the rest on the ground, cause next time you need it that tube will be totally solid. I had a handfull of glue containers like that, staring at me while I fixed the power thing for some speakers. I used each of them once… This new container makes it suck less because there are 5 tiny things of glue meant for one use each. Because someone must have told the superglue people about this design flaw. Even so there is way more glue than you need for most jobs in the tube. So I was trying to get them all done in a go. I still had glue when i was done. It felt like I was wasting it. T^T

Im seriously thinking about getting all the Avatar The Last Airbender and Firefly DVDs at some point. I feel like it’s been long enough finally. Of course now that Viacom wont play with Direct TV I can’t watch Korra if I even wanted to. >:|

I hold out on a lot of things that are super nerd popular for a long time. because when they are going people are so aggrivating about them. After a few years people are way easier to talk to about stuff they liked a lot. Except for certain things, like Star Wars. I watched a little of Buffy when it was ending becasue a friend liked it, but I never bought in. I’ve always been a bit hesitant about how venerated Joss Whedon is. Something about him makes me bristle. I liked The Avengers though, so maybe I can go back and get in to Firefly. I haven’t commited to the idea yet. Feel free to present me with your opinions on the subject. On either subject, in fact.


Yeah… “Chansu”, among other things is one of the annoying bits of anime I could do without. But what does it mean? Is it some archaic meaning lost to time? Some strange battle cry? I guess we will never know….


I’m still curious about where it came from. How did it worm it’s way into the language that way?

I know it shows up quite a bit in Japanese game shows. “Chance!” usually means some sort of bonus round or something. It’s usually in the same manner as the “Chance” space on a monopoly board.

That’s probably as good an explanation as we’ll get. Getting definitions/origins for katakana words (besides the obvious ones) is somewhat difficult. Like, there is a word used a lot in manga as a sound effect/emotive thing. It’s almost always comedic and there are different versions of it. I’ve seen it in katakana and hiragana both and it’s been: muka- (with a tsumotsu), muka-tsu (with a tsumotsu and tsu), muka-tsuku. I couldn’t find it in any dictionary (I have several…) so I asked my Japanese friends and no one could tell me what it meant. :/ As far as I can tell, it’s an angry thing– some kind of deep annoyance, like your brain just snapping– but no one can tell me what the hell it is.
Also, my Japanese teacher was from China. He taught us the word “Castela” for sponge cake. When I asked him what a castela was he said, “It’s castela.” “Well, yeah. But what’s a castela?” “…. That isn’t English?”

(I might not remember those words right anymore. I quit studying Japanese about 10 years ago and was never that good at it to begin with. :/ You’ve never been quite so patronized as to be a gaijin in Japan with a horrible grasp of the language. The people scramble for something positive to compliment you on. My gem was, “O-hashi wa jyouzu!” or, “You are so skilled at chopsticks!”. To this day I find it amusing that that’s where I landed. “Great at chopsticks.” Put it on my tombstone.)

It is so, how do you say, le dramatique. If you’re not using English, it’s “(This is my) chance!”, because you can get away with leaving out the up four to six additional syllables that the full sentence would take. And if your language let you do that all the time, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it? @.@

Hehe, he dodged. That could have gotten ugly, since the foam around those nerf weapons aren’t as soft as they would like you to think they would be.

Those things hurt like a bitch if you take one to the face. T^T Still better than a bat though, or a stick.

Okay I’m not sure I follow.

Obviously they’re not using a real axe, but I thought it was like, rubber/plastic, which might sting and disorient a bit but it’s not actually dangerous unless you get like, hit in the eye hard.

Is Reggie being overdramatic/a pussy or is it made of something that would definitely put the hurt on you like painted wood?

Getting beaned by toy foam weapons is pretty unpleasant. One could argue that he’s just being a puss though. I doubt ever Reggie would have cared if it hadn’t been more or less aimed at his face.

Actually, you hit hard enough, and they can do some damage. I have accrued many a welt and bruise from a similar axe, and they were banned from dorms when someone had their nose broken by one.

If you are a wuss, like me, they hurt like a son of a bitch. You clearly have never had someone beat you with a nerf sword in a Target aisle. Clearly.

You obviously don’t know how to use Nerf weapons and projectiles properly.
First you soak them in water for a few days, then throw them in the freezer for several hours…

… or am I the only one who does that?

I hope you do decide to pick up Avatar & Firefly, I highly recommend both.

There’s a particular episode in season 2 of Avatar called ‘Tales of Bah-singh-sei (I have no idea how to spell that’ which is a bunch of ‘day in the life’ episodes. It’s probably my favourite because they used one section of it as a tribute to Mako (Uncle Iroh’s voice actor) after he passed away between series 2 & 3

And with Firefly, I’ll always love that they did a flashback episode but it not just re-using footage like other series. Instead it’s flashbacks to before the show started.

Avatar Rocks! It does have a lot of build up but make sure you all the third season ( Book 3: Fire ) all at once because you are going to want to marathon them! The gyroscopicly orbiting elements in the last fight was sooo my idea first I had a rough workup of the idea I made in STRATA 3D months before episode one but I love it so much I am glad they beat me to the punch. Tales of Ba-SiNg-Se was indeed awesome. I love Irho so much though I absolutely Cryed my eye out when his came up, Irho is so philosophical and covertly powerfull that he just stole the show for me. I got each disc separately as they came out but, my kids loved it too so now my discs are getting all scratched up. I am thinking of going back and getting the box sets after I get the money together for my 30X40 color commission of /page/23

To things make Avatar awesome. Tai Li (:F), and anything Earthbending! I am an Aries. I am Fire, and I WAS GOING “EARTHBENDING IS AWESOME!!!” There was almost literally NOTHING that Toph couldn’t do!

It’s not a design flaw, they do it on purpose to sell more glue. And as said above, keep it in the fridge.

If you want to check out Avatar before you commit to buying the DVDs, you can stream all of the episodes off of Nickelodeon’s website. Nick’s website is terrible but I can’t reccomend the series enough.

I’ve never had superglue, I used krazy glue. which doesn’t seem to have the same problem. it’s only drawback is if you put the lid on to keep it, the lid can end up glued to the container.

Legend of Korra was pretty darn good. I have heard rumors that they weren’t going to keep it going past a single season (book: Air) but I have heard rumors otherwise. It’s the one good thing Nick has left, in the midst of Teenybopper Hell! I will defend it, blindly if needbe, to the death! The bending is pretty cool, it’s VERY VERY interesting to see Airbending from the POV of a person who wasn’t already a master of it, as well as seeing the steampowered/punk era they apparently live in 70 years later.

I won’t try to ruin anything but:
Toph’s daughter is awesome!
Seeing the prior main characters older was awesome, especially Aang and Soka (Sohka? sc), who was especially awesome and hilarious (considering the last I saw of him was the HORRIBLE movie! NEVER. AGAIN! Unless I’m in the mood for self-mutilation)

Reggie seems to suffer from an inability to identify “cool” when it throws an axe at him.

Yes, but you can’t hold that against him.
Most people have trouble identifying “cool” if the axe is headed their way.

I can totally hold that against him. I’m an SCA heavy fighter; I’ve had axes thrown at my face more than once. Granted, I was wearing armor, but on the other hand, SCA-legal throwing axes are heavier and harder than Nerf axes. And I’ve given credit where due when someone nailed me right in the face-grille with a really slick throw.

I ever find me a girl whose instinctive repertoire includes “throw an axe at it”, I’m marryin’ her.

I might have less geek cred than a lot of your readers, but I recommend getting the Firefly set. I got it for just around $20 and have not regretted it. It’s one of the few series where I can remember the main character’s names. You’ll identify with them to degrees that will surprise you. And it’s so neat when Nathan Fillian’s character works a Firefly reference into Castle.

Never admit to having less geek cred than anyone else. All geek cred is composed of random bluster, inane cockiness (that’s inane as in stupid, not insane as in crazy), and a soup├žon of fancy words other people hopefully aren’t entirely sure of proper usage on.

Ergo, if you don’t admit you aren’t an expert in geekdom, you are by default an expert, at least in the defacto geek sense of it.

I kept hearing about Firefly so when I had the chance to pick up a used copy of the full set I decided “why not?” To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. It’s one of those Sci-fi shows where the focus is on the characters but technology has a clear impact on what happens to them. Technology doesn’t drive the plots but is used to good advantage to make the stories interesting. One thing I would recommend is that once you watch the entire series, you go ahead and watch the movie Serenity – as kind of a “What happened to them” finale. The original series got canceled before they could wrap up the key story lines. Mind you, the movie is still a bit unsatisfying since they had so many loose ends to tie up, but it’s better than just getting to the end of the series and sitting there thinking “ok – and THEN what happened?”

Like the other poster I admit that I also love it when Nathan Fillion works in Firefly references into his current show Castle. It makes Castle that much more fun!

I’ve accused myself of geek hipsterism on many occasions, so take this with a grain of salt. Firefly is incredibly overrated. It is a showcase of lazy writing, and tropes. Also, most of the main cast members have been on Buffy or Angel (mostly villains), showing laziness in casting as well.

I dont know waht it is about the line you magnificent bastard that makes me smile like ther cheshire cat

You should definitely pick up Firefly or at least find somewhere you can stream it online. It is one of my favorite shows that sadly never made it on tv. The show Jeremiah with Luke Perry and Malcolm-Jamal Warner was pretty excellent too…

I have a feeling other people have told you the same thing, but, if you’re dying to watch Avatar / Korra, nick.com actually has all of the episodes hosted, online. Either way, they get the ad revenue, so, you might as well watch it there. (though, some of the episodes in book 2 have those stupid “special features” blurbs on them, which is annoying, and there ARE 2 episodes [both in book 3] where they screwed up their uploads, and repeated a segment, replacing the other by accident.)

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