948 Axed.

The page I’ve been working on has taken me 3 days so far. It’s not particularly complex. I just keep having abnormal interruptions. It is vexing. Every so often you just have a run of luck like that. It’s a good thing I have a little buffer up in this. Otherwise I’d be like >:|

I had a dream the other night. I don’t remeber it very well, but I had to start playing Magic again, for reasons that were not altogether clear to me. Really all i remember of it was trying to decide what starter stuff to get. It was a really odd thing to dream about, and I was very unhappy in the context of the dream. Way moreso than I would be if I was actually forced to start playing again for some reason. I can’t even imagine a scenario where that could happen, but whatever. That’s the subconsious for you.

So you know how I’ve been watching fansubbed episodes of Game Center CX? Well the other day I was reading up on the backstory of the whole thing and found out that they made a DS game for it. Which is all well and good, but I assumed that they never localized it, because, well, I mean it’s pretty obscure. It turns out I was wrong though. The first of the two games made it here, which might be old news to some of you, but whatever. It didn’t sell very well, so the sequel will likely never get ported over. It sold so poorly in fact that you can get a factory sealed copy for next to nothing, and since every other bit of merch they made ebays for hundereds of dollars I decided to go with the game.

One of the things I like about watching the fansubs is that GCCX is very… typical seeming. Like, it seems almost like you’re watching random Japanese people fritter away and afternoon. I guess that’s exactly what you’re doing, apart from it being random people… Anyway, it kind of give you a feeling like watching the show would be like living in Japan. Like what everyday life would be like, excepting for the playing video games for days at a time. There are segments where the guys wander off to various game centers (your people call them arcades.) based on tips from fans. They cut them out of the version that Kotaku had on their site, apparently. Anyway, it feels like you’re getting an idea about everyday Japan when you watch those parts. I find it interesting. I got a swapnote wallpaper from the show from somebody. At the time I didn’t know exactly what it was but now I’m like “cool”.

I bet if they did an American version of the show it would do okay. It wouldn’t be a massive hit or anything, but I bet people would watch it. People who still get G4 on their TV, for example. You’d want to get a comedian that wasn’t a staple of that channel though. Someone from outside that herd. I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head. Everyone i’ve thought of is a little too old to be Arino equivalent. Not that this is an important line of thought at all. No one is going to make this imaginary show. XD


You’ve been watching a fansub of “Game Center CX”?

Is it TV Nihon’s version? I’ve been watching their “Super Sentai” subs for years.

Who could host an American version… Robin Williams, maybe? He’s a big gamer, and he doesn’t seem to be doing much anymore. He might even work for scale (he’s been known to in the past), so money might not even be an issue. I know it’s probably wishful thinking, but it’d be awesome.

Realistically… I dunno. After “The Exes” is inevitably canceled, maybe they could get Donald Faison. He supposedly plays, and the price would probably be about right.

I dunno who made it. I feel like I read Nippon tv at one point.

The show works better if the host is kind of bad at games. I didn’t think Williams was a gamer. Learn something every day, huh?



Sorry Reg, but your head will be served on the finest of Sliverware, I’m sure.

I’ve run into the problem Nina had when I was a kid, I always got around it by holding whatever was in my other hand with the pinky and ring fingers and use the other three to recock the nerf gun.

When I was little, my nerf pistols were the kind with a ring pull in the back to recock them, so I just hooked them under the face of my wristwatch to do it. Better than using your teeth. Little brother lost a baby tooth that way.

Sorry Reggie but you were almost “Chopped”.
Lemme “axe” you a question, do you think you can “handle” it? Think you are a “cut” above the rest? I don’t think you can “cut” it? Don’t worry, even if you fail, that’s just a “slice” of life.

……. I knew someone was gonna do it….. Its like Scorpion suddenly appearing in Lord of the Rings to fight the Dwarf …. Actually that would be kinda funny….

I think we really need to know Reggie’s stats at this point – how good is his dodge and so on. And .. how good is Nina with an axe? I can hear the celestial dice roll as we speak.

Something tells me though, from the angle of the shot, that the next roll will be damage…

Lol anyone else reminded of the Gauntlet games? Also looks like she found a way to ‘run out of ax’ *insert shameless deoderant ad here*

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