he’s got an answer for everything doesn’t he?

This is about how clever I think could be if I got as much time as it takes to illustrate and upload a new comic page to think over my responses.

Unfortunately, in the real world, I don’t get that. I’m clever, but not QUICK.
Not to mention, most people are so focused on what they want to tell me they barely pause for an answer, nevermind listen to it.

Oh, damn.
That’s a very well-drawn Carol in the first panel. All the proportions are right (gigantic breasts notwithstanding) and her head is the right size, her shoulders are excellently measured, and her arms are slender and not beefy.
This is the best Carol I’ve seen drawn so far, reading from comic 1. w00t :D

I totally agree with Karsius. On panel 1 Carol was drawn so well that this is my first time leaving a comment, and I am using it to say how well drawn she is in that panel.

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