Hey, I’ve followed this comic from my Navy days (2011-2014) through college and grad school (2015-2020) to my gig as an English teacher. Just wanted to say I’m glad you’re pulling through whatever was going on. I think this comic’s got a lot more to say and a lot more laughs to provide.

Just my view- just because you are offered many opportunities, doesn’t mean that you have to take them all at once.
As in- if my local YMCA group is offering to teach 10 different sports this year, that doesn’t mean that I have to learn 10 different sports, all at once. Hm.

I was of the tender age of 14 when I set off to make my way in the world. Boy, didn’t I make that sound romantic. In reality it was a bit tough but less tough than staying with my family. I guess the whole buffet looked too inviting. In any case things worked out in the manner which they did. Cheers ~ulrich

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