Hey, I’ve followed this comic from my Navy days (2011-2014) through college and grad school (2015-2020) to my gig as an English teacher. Just wanted to say I’m glad you’re pulling through whatever was going on. I think this comic’s got a lot more to say and a lot more laughs to provide.

Just my view- just because you are offered many opportunities, doesn’t mean that you have to take them all at once.
As in- if my local YMCA group is offering to teach 10 different sports this year, that doesn’t mean that I have to learn 10 different sports, all at once. Hm.

I was of the tender age of 14 when I set off to make my way in the world. Boy, didn’t I make that sound romantic. In reality it was a bit tough but less tough than staying with my family. I guess the whole buffet looked too inviting. In any case things worked out in the manner which they did. Cheers ~ulrich

Complete self-reliance from teenhood is not really a metaphorical buffet. A bit closer to metaphorical dumpster diving… sometimes actual dumpster diving.

Looking back, I don’t think I ever got a single job that lasted, that I didn’t get via reference from someone I know. I’ve handed out a thousand resumes, I’m certain, without any meaningful result. Then someone who knows one of my parents would give me a fair shot to prove I was worth hiring.

Most people I know of who either insisted on, or were forced to, go it completely on their own went nowhere worth mentioning for decades, if ever.

Don’t forget that Mother’s Day card! It may indirectly save your life!

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