1251 The Flood.

This page had a few ending lines before I settled on this one. They were all on the spectrum of this sort of sexual “grossness”. I was trying my best to ride the line between too much and just enough. I guess we’ll see how I did tonight. Boys, if you don’t get the joke ask a friend who has had a serious girlfriend. You are woefully ill prepared for your future.

This is not the last we’ll see of this sort of thing, but it is for a while. We’re switching to a little video game inspired interaction between Thomas and Carol. It was sort of inspired by a friend of mine. Her tumblr feed has been overrun with images from a certain game series that will become apparent on Monday.

Tomorrow, by which I mean Friday, we’re going to collect yet another one of the teen’s friends to stay for a week. So that’s what I’ll be doing, and likely tweeting about tomorrow. Look forward to it.


Strangely enough, I asked a female friend that admitted she watched porn what she watched when she needed to ‘open the floodgates.’ She giggled and told me (won’t say in case she ever reads this webcomic.)

I first heard that euphemism from the Vagina Monologues. I thought it was brilliant then, and I still love it now.

I didn’t get what you were saying in the comic. I did get what you meant once I read the post.

The best guess I had before the post was, “Uhhhhh…. Iiiiissssssss she planning on playing in the rain a lot? A whole helluva lot?”


Then the metaphors came.

Dude…. I was married for 15 years and I still don’t get it……

We might be on the cusp of understanding why that’s in the past tense…

All I have to say is, you didn’t have to live with her.

She was an awful lot like Carol… Only more psychotic.

When I read the comic, I thought you meant a con full of droolers. When I read the commentary (“sexual grossness”), I got it. I just forgot that she likes the ladies too.

Should have been a full pan of Brooksie showing how short the shorts are for that comment imo. Otherwise good pay off.

Also, glad to hear we’re going back to Thomas and Carol. That’s my favorite of the congruent stories going on. Though I’m hoping Ed finally seals the deal with Nina

You are a brave, brave man taking on the Teen AND her friend for a week. Hope you don’t pass on from estrogen overload…

Having been in a relantionship before, I understodd this prefectly before reading the blurb below it. Then again, I was usualy the one to causing the floods with the person I was with. My mind still hasn’t left the gutter now that I’m single.

YAY! I knew she somehow had to see Jo in that garb, and I knew well what the reaction would be. So happy to be right way-back-when! They are my OTP of the comic. Except non-exclusive, because Jo should sample the buffet a lot, with adequet supportive help.

I may just be a slut. >.>

I’m gonna assume she saw this on her facebook feed…cause that’s where I’d go to get furry cosplay pictures of any girls/friends/girlfriends/friends with benefits I’m facebook stalking…

…that and photoshop.

Don’t worry about it, Crave, perfect amount of sexual “grossness.” Caught the joke and got a laugh outta it without feeling weird about it. ‘.^~*

“Hey, we try not to get this part of the gym wet. Sooo…whatever you’re doing there is gonna have to stop.”


Concerning my lesbian friends, I always wondered who got stuck with the wet spot…

Hi Jackie,
Speaking of “Crusader Kitten”, did you ever see the 1949 + 1950s, TV cartoon, “Crusader Rabbit”?

Some of the people who made CR later made the TV show- The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle,…(or a show with a similar name.)

I’ve only ever seen a handful of crusader rabbit episodes. It was already old by the time I came along.

Hi, Jackie, thanks for the reply. :)
Yeah, I can see that.
I like the concept of The Crusader Rabbit show, but its stories, + art styles, don’t thrill me very much. That’s just me.

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