718 Burn Notice.

I have to say, after many of the comments about The Birds, I am much more afraid of a coordinated bird attack then ever before in my life. Hopefully they will never organize. Their birdlike nature may just be a front that they’ve been using to lull us into a false sense of security…

There is a family of birds that make little mud nests. Starlings maybe? Anyway one couple has been using my parent’s porch to breed the last few generations of their family. They come back over and over if the nest continues to have successful bird makings. Once the little birds get big enough they poke their heads over the edge of the nest and look at you as you go inside. The current nest is just to the upper right of the front door, so the natural door activity keep predators away.
The birds are pretty cute, and they eat bugs, but they poop a lot. There’s a gross little pile that builds up over time. So you have to wash the concrete every so often.
The bird parents get a little flustered when you go in and out, but not as much as when they first started. I guess they’re mostly sure that we don’t mean to eat their babies.


His crashing an burning is what we’re all hoping for and wost case scenario, we get Reggie to continue to seem not that bad.

Also, this title is a little meta as I’m watching Burn Notice at the same time as I’m reading it.

Seriously. Before Wes Reggie was the asshole, now Wes has taken the throne, crown, staff, and entire kingdom of shittiest people ono I even kinda like Reggie now because he also agrees that Wes MUST crash and burn. Horrible, very very horrible.

And he really needs to keep off/away from Brooksie. She a wonderful, shy pixie and I will personally slaughter him if he hurts her o^o

… as I watch this unfurl, I find msyelf swearing vengance if he actually gets anywhere with that pompous attitude of his.

HOLY SHIT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT BIRDS. Freakin’ SCREW birds. For the longest time, in a tree outside the house where I grew up, there was this nest where a family of birds lived, right? And every freaking spring, when you walked by their tree, they would go berserk on you, thinking that you were trying to attack their young or SOMETHING and start swooping down on you and pecking your hair and shit. Fuckin’ birds.

Yay for bird experiences. When I was younger, took a tour of the salt marshes my dad was in charge of restoring. Middle of winter and wet, but it was a clear day, so it was an enjoyable walk. Least until we ran into the Terns living there. They had a very high tendency to divebomb and I narrowly avoided several crashing my head. In the process of getting back to the car I wound up losing both my shoes to the mud on the side of the trails, and a jacket covered in bird crap. =/ talk about a lousy day.

Grumble grumble invisible comment button.

Birds scare me now.

Also, Wes is officially the personification of douchbaggery. Also possibly of douchehorsery, buy I have to check on that one.

I don’t like him, he positively EXUDES popped collars. It’s like, you walk by him, and his popped collar reaches over and pops your collar. EVEN IF YOUR SHIRT DOESN’T HAVE ONE.

Dammit, now I agree with Reggie.

As for birds, seagulls and the like aren’t organising. It’s the penguins that’re getting organised. Just be glad they can’t hold weapons.

I say Wes dies for attempting to seduce a ninja, and he dies painfully. If he suceeds, we can accuse him of witchcraft. If he fails, we can accuse him of sexual harrasment.

also if he hurts brooksie, fictional or not, i am going to hunt him down and rectally feed him his teeth. I hate guys like him

Hahaha, “by your leave.” As much of a slightly different Reggie as this guy seems to be to me, that particular line just made me grin. I think I like Wes, as much of a ponce as he is. Reggie just seems to be going out of his way to tell himself that he’s better than everyone else, but Wesley is a different sort: he considers others as equals until they prove themselves otherwise, at least. Yes he did rant about Carol a bit, but to be fair, her test is a bit off-putting to some.

I don’t see why everyone lets Carol get to them, really. She’s actually the type of person I enjoy being around. Well, Thomas, as well, and John, really. Throw in Brooksie, and you have pretty much a group I wish I could hang out with every day.

I think I like Wes, as much of a ponce as he is. Reggie just seems to be going out of his way to tell himself that he’s better than everyone else, but Wesley is a different sort: he considers others as equals until they prove themselves otherwise, at least.

Seriously? Wes, as illustrated several times, including in this strip, thinks that the ladies are inferior simply because they’re female.

If you wanna hear a bird story listen to this one.
Many years ago my grandpa found a pigeon with a broken wing. He basically helped any bird that was hurt and nursed this one back to health. It grew so attached to him it followed him everywhere. Following his truck down the street when to and got home from work, sitting on his hat while he mowed the lawn, ect. All ended one morning though when he closed a window in a dark room and didn’t notice the pigeon was in the window because of how dark it was.

Oh dear God, I have friends that remind me of Wes. Maybe friends is too liberal of a term. “Cocky idiots who I am congenial to because it’s hilarious to watch them fall” is a better term, but I can pretty much tolerate anyone.

Comparing Wes to Reggie is expected because they both disturb the placid pond of people we like to be around.

I think the real comparison is to Tom. Wes may be the anti-Tom.

I love that you made me hate reggie, and then brought in wes, who I now hate more in favour of reggie. Outstanding characters.

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