1252 Space Pussies

For those of you who don’t know what game is being referenced, it’s Mass Effect. I make analogs for franchises, rather than just using them outright, for a variety of reasons. Firstly, if you say you’re referencing something you have to live up to people’s expectations about whatever that might be. Making an analog gives you room to mess things up as much as you want, while still being able to comment about the thing you really want to. I don’t want to have to look up how to draw Garrus every few pages. He’s too hard to draw accurately without reference. This way I can just slap a Dragonballesque alien whenever I need one, and it does take me a million years to get right. It also shields you from litigious companies. It’s doubtful that EA would ever take notice of my comic anyway, but on the off chance they did I could skirt away under the cloak of parody. Another reason is that directly referencing something like a video game chains your work to a point in time. There will always be games like Mass Effect, but by not making the game Mass Effect the comic itself is allowed to keep sliding along the timeline.

I’m not even going to pretend like I don’t find petulant Carol adorable. The idea that she’s been sitting there, watching Thomas ride the fence across the galaxy, getting more and more annoyed, is like candy to me. She is an adorable little tyrant, silently fuming over the mistreatment of humans until she has to say something.


This sounds like me and the Significant other… I hated sitting around while he played Mass Effect. The voice actors were terrible, the story subpar, blah blah. Point is, I relate to this 1000 + 10% (hint Maury Povich)

All the little differences…I fully approve this parody game and the dialogue options it has presented.

Remember folks, the lady always wins the argument.

I’m not sure I’m digging the new shadow on Thomas’s nose…that wasn’t there before, was it?

Wow, it has been a while since we’ve seen Thomas. I can find no recent trace if it.
I don’t mind it at all In the game, but real Thomas is a little funky. Could just be the face angle though.

My husband says that this is the cutest that Carol has looked in a while. And Thomas’s nose has a shadow now. Could it be our beloved artist is trying new things??

I totally played ME1 the same way as Thomas, I tried the renegade options on my later playthroughs and I didn’t really like them that much. They were too generic cliche’d asshole type options and just bored the crap out of me. Now ME2 was a different story, I was a total dick throughout that one and had the time of my life (especially when I made that batarian bartender drink his own poison).

To be the pedagogue, pussy is actually a shortening of pussillanimous, meaning cowardly or timid. (this is admittedly debated)

If it helps you cope with it, by all means assume that was the source of the term – but Thomas obviously assumed differently – or just decided to engage in some slightly blue wordplay.

That is why I’ve played through the Mass Effect series multiple times. You gotta try it different ways.

I generally played Paragon until hilarious Renegade choices came up.
In ME1, things like just telling the council to shut up when they bitch at you, then closing the channel.
In ME2, things like taking the boy who wants to play soldier’s gun away from him, spinning it around, and pointing it straight at his face within the span of 3 seconds, and well…
“Haha, the human, he UNDERSTANDS”…
Nuff said.

I have never been able to play total paragon or renegade. I err on the side of paragon, but there are some things I refuse to tolerate with a smile.

I’m not sure if this outcome would necessarily constitute renegade. I mean, guns aren’t toys. It’s kind of demonstrating things that could be with a little more control.

Then again, I haven’t really played the renegade side. I also haven’t played the paragon side. I just haven’t played Mass Effect. Maybe some day.

I too play generally Paragon. That said, renegade femShep is awesome. If this leads to a CarolShep headbutting a fauxKrogan…

Gotta say I’m with Carol on this one. Not that it’s ok to be a jerk, but I played ME like I was a strong representative of the human race. And I want about to take any shit from ANY Allen. Call me xenocentric but I’m going to support my own species when it comes to matters of galactic import.

I am calling this right now, given the extremely distracting cleavage… Carol is going to use said cleavage top distract Thomas and get the controller from him to play faux ME her way. Which won’t really bother Thomas because aforementioned cleavage. And who would blame him?

Also wanted to say I was very amused by Thomas’ playstyle; I used a very similar approach in my playthrough of ME.

Thomas has remarkable savoir faire in that he can pay attention to a game with Carol there in a white tank top. Don’t know whether to be jealous or feel sorry for him.—Nah, don’t feel sorry for him.

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