1253 You Want Some Taffy?

I swear I’ve used this title before…

I was playing State Of Decay: Lifeline the other night and there was a weird glitch that caused me to fail a mission. I was disappointed, but the game is glitchy as fuck, so you just get over it. Sometimes I refresh after something like that, just to make sure it doesn’t propagate, but I didn’t feel like it. It seemed to be a mistake because from that point on terrible things happened in rapid fire. I lost my CO in a siege, some random zombies got inside and killed a survivor somehow, then somehow a juggernaut spawned right behind me and killed my player character. I was down to one unhurt character and I wasn’t even halfway into the scenario. After all that I decided to nosedive the session. I figured I’d just explore all the areas of the map I could before I got killed; places I wouldn’t normally try to go. I found a few nice little spots to exploit the next time through.

After that I restarted in earnest. Using my newly uncovered intel I was able to get an early foothold. Because of this I was able to complete the scenario without losing any HVTs and only 2 survivors. I also embraced firearms. In State Of Decay guns are essentially valueless as long as you have decent survivors. A couple guys with the powerhouse skill can dominate the regular game and never need to fire a shot. That’s good because guns are loud and suppressors are rare. In Lifeline bullets fall from the sky and suppressors are plentiful. You need to be aware of your surroundings, and keep an eye on your shots, but you can thin a heard from a distance with a good rifle. Basically Lifeline tweaks the gameplay in a way that encourages you to play like a soldier. Most characters start with good cardio and shooting. This is good because that tends to offset their flaws, of which there are more than in the regular game. A truly powerful soldier is rare, and worth leveling if you get a chance, but usually you have to make due with a flawed squad. It sounds like it would be annoying, and it is a bit, but it also forces you to play to a character’s strengths. I basically ended up with a squad of people well trained in assault weapons and rifles. Which made it easier to defend the landing zone. With me on the sniper position we were able to rebuff the advances of the zombies over and over. I only lost survivors when swarmed in the field. Sometimes the survivors get swarmed and stop fighting, and there’s just no way to clear out the monsters fast enough. Next time I’m going for a perfect run. A play through is actually pretty short. Once you rescue the last HVT you’re starting to run out of points and need to evacuate. At least I’ve always had that happen. If there’s another way to build points up I don’t know it. I assume you can keep going, but I kept getting to a point where my lockers are stuffed with bullets I cant buy. Maybe I should watch some tip videos…


…This little storyline now has me thinking which Between Failures character would be which Mass Effect character…and considering I don’t really care for Mass Effect, my knowledge of most of the characters is limited. Thomas would obviously be Shepard, Carol I could see as Jack, and Brooksie would be Tali. Thomas’ ex (name escapes me) might make for a good Miranda, what with both coming off as “perfect” characters. Other than that, I’m drawing a blank for the rest.

Well, if Thomas is Shepard, that makes John either Garrus or Joker. I dunno about Carol being Jack, she seems more similar to Ashley IMO. Ed could be Grunt or maybe Javik. Nina would have to be Liara if she was a main character, but of the secondary characters, Dr Chakwas and Kelly Chambers could work. I agree with Brooksie being Tali. Mike is really hard, maybe James Vega, because of the wrestling, but there’s not really anyone who’s as non-confrontational as he is … maybe Legion? Reggie, hmm, Udina? I feel like that’s a bit harsh on on Reggie, I suppose there are elements of Mordin, but not enough to be a good match. He’s up himself and scared like Saren is, and they both have good intentions. Wesley is a combination of Kasumi, Undina and all the dicks. Jess fits in quite nicely with Miranda, with the not being shy about using her body to her advantage, and a little bit manipulative.

I put Carol as Jack ’cause both have similar personalities, in that both women take shit from no one.

I haven’t played enough of ME3 to know the whole cast, but Thomas would see himself as Garrus. The problem with trying to do a one to one with ME is that some of the characters have no clear analogs.

Funny thing about Carol that I seem to like so much – even without her twin suns drawn in all their majesty and size, it doesn’t even bother me – she’s still the funnest to read about, and coolest/cutest one of the three.

And just to note – I noticed that only because I didn’t notice the twin suns before I took note of Carol’s facial expressions in all of the panels.

Is it just me, or are Carol’s breats getting smaller?

It’s just you.

Actually, looks like Carol lost about 30 pounds. Just the way I am, when somebody loses a lot of weight, I wonder about their health.

“You can also have romances with squad mates”
“Even the dudes?”
“Yea, if you….”
“You best hide the PS3 because your character B6 here is about to go on a magical journey.”
“You wouldn’t dare…”
“Oh oh oh, I would.”

I just picked up SoD in the Steam sale, playing through the base game, and am loving it. But I had a similar ‘mission failed due to glitch’ moment and it made me sad. I was chauffering the smarmy politician around in the car he gave me, and it touched a rock that couldn’t be seen, flipped over, and… That was that. It eventually exploded, as all upside down cars do, killing the politiican who wouldn’t move away from it or let you use a car not prone to, y’know, wild acts of physics.

I’ve come to think of the game a bit as Grand Theft Zombie, which makes me happy. :)

Ray, yeah. I’ve never failed his mission, but he unlocks vehicle spawns. Of course vehicles are practically everywhere in the main game, so no big loss there. The only one you absolutely must succeed at is Doc Hansen’s. He let’s you heal hurt status. Really useful.

Are you toning down the colors, or is Thomas’ world starting to go a little grey again? hope not…

The walls are off white in his apartment. It’s been that way for ages.

ah, well I meant carol herself was looking less vibrant moreso than the backgrounds. I was wondering if it was foreshadowing into rocky times ahead for the two, but I was probably trying to read into things not there <_< I've been watching too much anime with plot twists and mind games lately….

I fully approve of your use of ‘monies’ in this and all future instances of game reference.

Stop drawing my life. I swear I never saw my hubs tight anyone in ME… Commander Shephard has a horrible voice, and the game was awful to watch and listen to- even in the background.

I will concede to one thing…. I suppose it’s different if you’re playing it, but it is God-awful to listen to in the background.

Each to his own. Male Sheppard’s voice is one of my favorites in any game. I can’t think of any voice in the series I thought stood out as bad.

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