2035 Destination Truth.

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Ghost hunting & urban exploration are sot of cousins in pop culture. If you watch videos of both the similarities are apparent. It’s mostly a way for the participants to entertain themselves and others rather than actually accomplish anything. Although you can do both in a way that teaches something; History being the most obvious thing. Urban explorers tend not to be making up magical bullshit on the fly, or constructing an intricate lore to go with their hobby though.


Also much less cool gear that way. I mean, come on; when’s the last time you saw an urban explorer pack a radio designed to shift channels at random, or infrared cameras? They probably should carry the cameras, though; better chance of spotting the CHUDs that way.

Being first on the comment board is overrated. As for the ghost hunting business, its depiction on the television is a total crock. No intelligent ghost performs actions to amuse others, but to call for help or attention. Hence why nothing happens on the shows. During the few times that something does happen, it would’ve been because a poltergeist or demon was incited by the jackasses. Not to mention ALL THE MOTHERFUCKING RETARDS WHO PLAY WITH OUIJA BOARDS!! How many times do we have to see horror stories involving the invitation of evil into a house because they played with those?!

Every time I see that, I think “Why don’t you just clip a lock of hair, pin it to a Voodoo doll, and see what happens when you microwave it?!”

If you survive you get to meet some very strong, healthy and brave firefighters who will chastise you for being an idiot. Mind you if you play your cards right you could finagle yourself a date.

Please note that even though firefighting is still male dominated that the proportion of women who could carry your sorry behind out of a conflagration is no longer insignificant. Mind, in either case you will still be called a dumb-ass, so you should at least be engaging if not cute.

The sad part about the whole Ouija board business is that people are THAT stupid enough to play with them just to get a rise out of what responds.

And that’s the thing, the only thing that will respond to a Ouija is a negative demonic entity, specifically the ZOZO or the MAMA daemon. They are known to instill bouts of nausea, spinal weakness or just plain mindfuck with the summoners.

The most amazing thing about the Ouija board concept is that people still use them.

We all know that Christian fundamentalists hate them like the fires of hell. But did you know they’re also routinely scorned by pagans, horror films, and even some scientists? Trying to get that quartet to agree on anything is a golden-BB sort of affair, so you know something’s up there when they do.

Julia Wertz makes everything, as in the drawing, + the writing, for the webcomic- Musuem of Mistakes [R].

She has a site about her urban exploring, named- adventure bible school [dot com].

Please take a look at her u. exploring site: http://www.adventurebibleschool.com

Please don’t be fooled by the web address.
The site has nothing to do with bibles, or holy books, any other type of books.
She put, bible, in the site address, just as a humor-type of thing.

Jackie said: Urban explorers tend not to be making up magical bullshit on the fly, or constructing an intricate lore to go with their hobby though.

I read that to my D.M. And it made him cry. I think he equated ghost hunters with those who construct intricate lore for their hobby, by accident.

Don’t be making people cry. A DM is supposed to make up lore on the fly. It’s arguable with a ghost hunter…

True the difference is that DMs makes things up through wit, diligence, research, creativity and lots of planning (mostly – there are exceptions) while dealing with creative types that are akin to a eldrich mixture of cats, puppies and toddlers.

The Spectre Stalkers on the other hand are of three distinct sub-types. Those with faith and an overactive imagination tied to a complete lack of reasoning skills. The others are grifters that have sideshow Carney ham acting skills. Lastly are the support people who look after the equipment and the safety of the investigators and demonstrate little enthusiasm for the adventures they get dragged along on.

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