692 Credulity.

Sorry I haven’t been able to comment directly recently as much as I normally do. The site is still having a lot of issues so I’m only accessing it when I absolutely must.

The back and forth about Wes’s counter question has been fun to watch evolve at least. XD

I had a strange dream last night. It was basically being on a TV show where they filmed people avoiding getting shot by a sniper… or not. There were other “contestants” too and we were all living in a sort of valley. You had to survive for a certain amount of time and whoever didn’t get shot won prizes. It was a very pretty place to live and getting food wasn’t too hard. Not a bad time except for having to sneak every place you needed to go.

It’s one of those dreams that really doesn’t seem to have any starting point in my waking life. Makes me wonder where it came from.


Wow, I am not sure about Wes now, I was sorta warming up to him, but now i am not sure. Then again I may be bias since I like Carol more. We seem to be displaying some early reggie type nature, yet it to early to tell. Maybe he will warm up some more.

Let us not forget what has already been established about Wes, long before he even appeared. The man is a workplace thief to be a workplace thief to the extreme and is being handed to reggie to train simply to sabotoge him.

Actually, what has really been established, is that Thomas accused Wesley of being a thief, probably wrongfully, for the sole purpose of getting Mike in line and discouraging any future, independent action on Mike’s part.

I don’t know about that “probably wrongfully”. That may have been Thomas’s motivation for saying what he said, but if he didn’t believe it to be true, I think he would’ve used some other approach to achieve his goal.

While Thomas is a manipulative, I don’t think he’s a liar (which is not the same as saying that I don’t think he ever lies). If nothing else, the truth is a more effective manipulating tool than lies, and is less likely to get you caught out when people start comparing notes.

Wow! That is a whole lot of disclaimer! Although Mike was being truthful, credibility…in the toilet. I don’t know though… I think carol was just a liiittle off her game last page. But in light of this development… I hope Thomas realizes Wes is more than Reggie can handle before he manages to get Reggie fired.

it seems odd that Wes would react the way he did to me. From what i’ve seen, most people would simply consider his and Carol’s banter to be a battle of wits. Even then, at most it would be a friendly sparring match. Wes’ facial expressions never seemed to really show distaste towards Carol nor did she seem to come off as particularly rude (for her mind you lol). This page definitely has shed a new light on what was occurring though. Either my impression on what was going on was completely off or maybe Wes is just trying to talk down Carol while he’s with Mike? Can’t wait to find out what else happens.

Carol is a bitch with new people. How Wes’s impression of her is a surprise to you people is beyond me. Yes, we’ve seen Carol’s good sides, and Wes is new to us, but the point still stands: She makes new people miserable. We saw this already with Edward, the only difference is they deal with her.

What people aren’t keeping in mind is though WE have seen Carol’s kinder side, WES has not. He has every right to feel the way he does about her.


Cunt? To describe someone who was at worst distrustful and snarky? He’s no sweetheart himself, continuously disrespecting his superior on his first day on the job. If I was in Mike’s position, I would’ve laid him off on the spot for using such a misogynistic slur at a well-respected co-worker. “Not in front of me” isn’t quite good enough.

“Thinks she’s so damn smart.” Hypocrite much?

Being a hyopocrite does not take away from the fact that he’s right from the perspective he’s given. Carol, at least when in front of new employees is overbearing, annoying and just plain antagonistic. Wes has every right to feel the way he does, even if he is a smartass himself.

And Mike only says “not in front of me” because he knows he can’t stop people from voicing their opinions when he’s not present. Besuides, he agrees with Wes in that Carol is a heinous bitch at times. Just because we’ve seen the good side of a person doesn’t mean that person is nice. Carol is not really all that nice of a person.

But Wes was also annoying, antagonistic AND disrespectful. She holds a place of authority there, so I feel she has more of an excuse than a brand-new employee. Why does Wes get a free pass and not Carol? And even if he has a horrible opinion of someone, it’s NOT okay to voice it the way he did. The fact that he thinks it’s acceptable to use language like this about a co-worker on his first day is something else.

And even then- If the comic was Carol talking to Mike about Wes behind his back, talking about how tiny his dick might be, I doubt very many would be defending her.

And Carol wasn’t SO horrible to him. She joked with him, gave him candy, and gave him a shot at taking her down intellectually, which I’m sure is more than most get upon a first impression.

As much as I hate people talking about others behind their backs, people judging others on only one interaction and even swearing in general, this page actually makes me warm to Wes slightly. Probably because I’ve been in the situation of starting a new job and having a co-worker be a b**** for no reason.

And before anybody starts shouting at me in defence of Carol, that is how she’s acting. Even if it’s her way of preparing people to face the public.

I agree. “Preparing people” isn’t an excuse to act the way Carol acts.

Wes is in every right to feel as he does.

Mike could’ve handled it better, but I’m honestly not surprised he agrees somewhat with Wes, what with how Carol treats him.

Wes has every right to feel however he wants about Carol. However, there are appropriate and inappropriate responses to that. Getting angry and telling her off: Perfectly appropriate response. Going to the boss behind her back and calling her a “gold-plated, heinous, cunt”: Not an appropriate response. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that that’s never an appropriate response to anything. Even if Carol had, unprovoked, killed and eaten his puppy in front of him, there are ways to respond to that without being a misogynist asshole.

And Wes was rude and insubordinate to Carol before she started acting bitchy back, to the point that she had to explicitly threaten his job just to get him to follow simple instructions from a superior… and she did give him a candy bar out of nothing more than the goodness of her dark heart.

I just lost some respect for Mike. He manages, in one panel, to:
a) Undermine his reprimand of Wes.
b) Make it difficult to use Wes’s behaviour against him.
c) Give Wes ammunition to use against him.
and d) Call Carol a cunt.


I didn’t have any respect for Wes to begin with, but if I had, panel one would’ve sunk it.

Yeah, even though it’s been established that Mike’s not really boss material, this still isn’t good for his image. Carol may be acting a little above and beyond her normal managerial duties, she’s still acting like someone in charge. For Wes to call her that infront of her boss is one of the highest disrespects he could do. If I’d ever used that kind of language in that situation, I’d get reprimanded like nobody’s business, and if I wasn’t fired, sent to a sensitivity training course, and told that if I ever called someone that again I’d be out of there faster than The Flash with a bout of diarrhea and accidentally took a laxative instead of Immodium or Pepto…

You know what, Wes can eat a dick. He came in the door smarmy, acting like a douche and trying to pull this CSI Miami look. Granted we’ve only seen 2 new guys, him and Ed, but I’m guessing that aside from Reggie he’s the only one that deserved the full Carol from the moment they took a breath.

ugh…did you have to use the c-word? definitely lost a little respect for the comic a tad bit…

To be honest, I lose respect for people who employ the locution “a tad bit”. A “tad” means (leaving aside the original meaning of “kid” which pre-dated it by like 40 years apparently) “a little bit”, as in “tone down the stupidity a tad”. It’s almost as egregious as “I could care less”- not QUITE there, simply because it’s less often encountered, but very nearly.

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