693 Emplacement.

Man, it suddenly occurs to me that I wrote this dialogue years ago. My outlines tend to be bullet points of what needs to happen with bits of dialogue, or full scenes, placed where they need to go. This interaction between Mike and Wes was written back when I wrote the Reggie stuff before I cut it into “episodes”. It’s in the original file even.

In other news…

I never played Farmville, but I heard enough to know it was a bad thing to try, and it had nothing to pull me in. The other day there was a Smurfs game from Capcom in the iPod store for a buck or something, so I got it. I was obsessed with Smurfs when I was little. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that this game is just Farmville with a Smurfs skin. Which is apparently all it needed to get me to buy in. Building my own Smurf village totally appeals to the 5 year old still hiding inside me.

You can pay more money to buy in game bonuses which is how they get you. That’s a rabbit hole I don’t intend to go down… Except you can buy Hefty Smurf’s house…

This does not bode well for out hero.


You’re a man! Put her in her place!

Yeah, i don’t like this guy much.

AGREED i just wanna see how it goes when he runs his mouth to the wrong person like thomas

I hope he does run his mouth off to Thomas it would be interesting to see how he reacts. Thomas is normally the calm guy who never loses his cool it might be nice to see him suddenly snap on another guy because he is dissing his girlfriend lol. It would just add another side to him. I like where this is going…It could make for some really interesting moments in the comic. Though I agree I don’t like this guy, but he is a good way to stir up the pot in the comic. :)

I mean seriously. It’s like, “Whoa. Whoa, dude. Did you really just say that?”

I hope this isn’t a… a prominent characteristic of the new guy.

you know…I’ve had coworkers I never liked. Hell, some of them I hated and were women themselves. In concerns to the women, I never referred to them in such harsh language nor that a man should show them to their place.

Perhaps a manager should if the employee is unruly enough, but never put down the gender. Its a cheap shot that, especially for new people, will hurt in the long run; where I’m from, statements like that linger and will count after the initial 90 day run (if not explicitly said, certainly will factor into how the manager will deem him/her fit to stay).

You know, at first I thought that Mike was the wrong person to deal with Wes’ sexism… But if anyone else in the store was a part of this conversation, Wes would be hospitalized by now.

Wow, and sexist too. Granted, that’s generally a pretty safe assumption to make about anyone who’ll toss around the C-word that casually, but it’s nice to have definite confirmation. For certain values of “nice”.

I really shouldn’t be hoping that Ed breaks this guy’s face. Ed likes his job. Nina’s got proven face-breaking skills, but she hasn’t got a Get Out Of Trouble Free card with this one. Maybe Brooksie can make him softly and silently vanish away…

I’m glad, for Wes’s sake, that Ed isn’t working that day.

And with just one strip I go from slightly sympathetic to using my favourite insult. Wes is officially a Dickweed. All it took were seven words. And that hairstyle viewed from the front.

Reggie can have him, should be interresting to see what that pair come up with.
Also for anyone owning a PSP, here’s a handy list of games to buy/download for it thatcome highly recommended: Patapon and its sequel, Yggdra Union, Ys7, Ys3, KH:BbS, Castlevania Dracula X, Disgaea 2, Persona 3, various Metal Gear ones, with Peacewalker foremost, Half Minute Hero, and God of War: Chains of Olympus

you missed disgaea: afternoon of darkness, 400hrs and STILL not bored. i think that says enough.

back to topic however, wes gonna get FIIIIRED. think about what mike said. “place place place she’s not in the wrong one” the next words comming out of his mouth “YOU ARE” then he’ll whip out a rocket launcher or challange him to the thing tom and john do “who owns bartertown” thingy)

NOT disgaea afternoon of darkness, though that is another good one, they remade the second disgaea (Cursed Memories) from the ps2 for the psp and added stuff to itas well, such as being able to play through as axel and a host of other characters

I bet Mike talking about Tom. This is a 2nd page where Wes lost some points. He lucky he earn bonus points with the smart question, or he be in negative right now.

Would anyone be particularly upset if I invited Wes, you know, the new guy, out to the back of the store (where John and Brooksie smoke)… and slapped that smarmy face off his skull?

Would anyone pay to watch?

Like many of you who have already posted, yeah, I’ve worked with this clown. They play nice to your face and stab you in the back later. This blonde, blue-eyed SOB is probably a sneaky white-supremacist bigot in addition to his misogyny.


Wes truly comes off worse with every page. Sure, Carol isn’t the nicest person to start work with. But her harsh comments put aside, she proved to be able, reliable and actually helpful. Even to Wes. Plus the chocolate bar was an obvious sign for her not being even half the bitch, her talk might have originally made her look like. I know that kind of person, I am one myself to a certain degree. And we actually are not the worst people to have around, if you can withstand the occasional verbal assault (which is usually done for a laugh and not to hurt anyways).

Wes on the other hand looks more and more like the arrogant, backstabbing and sexist type. And we don’t even really know if that’s all yet!

My uncle works for Zynga. That’s it, that’s all I had to share.

Tell him they need to f’n code their games so they’re not Flash memory hogs. Seriously, going from my farm to a neighbor’s, then back to mine, and then to another neighbor’s shouldn’t keep ballooning up the memory until either Flash or my browser crashes. It’s the reason I stopped playing their games.

The RSS feed doesn’t work no more … oh noes I mighty miss a page one day only to find out there are two new pages the other day… I don’t want to live in such a world. Plese fix the RSS :O

“And a man on top of that.”

Oh wait! My common senses are tingling!

They’re telling me things are not going to go well for Wes. Ever.

i don’t care. i like wes. it is the way guys talk to each other in private. sometimes it’s the way girls talk to guys even. it’s like, “don’t be such a girl.” know what i mean?

I realize this response is years late, but I still feel obliged to point out that this is NOT the way men speak about women. In fact, there isn’t a damn thing RIGHT about Wes.

First, calling a woman a cunt because she asserts her legitimate authority in a workplace situation? No.

Next, assuming that other men are just as misogynistic as you, with not a shred of evidence to that effect? No.

Finally, suggesting that a woman has a “place” other than anywhere she wants to be? Not just no, but HELL NO!

As for your comment about “don’t be such a girl”: the word “girl” is not (and should never be considered) an insult. To use it as an insult is to allege that women are in some way inferior to men; that to “be such a girl” is to be LESS THAN a man. It is the go-to insult of emotionally-stunted troglodytes everywhere, it is unacceptable, and even years after the fact, it should never go unchallenged. Challenging it is the only way to change it.

And the fact that women have used it, too, does not make it right. Too many women buy into the big lie that women are less than men. Who can blame them, when every ounce of pop culture, advertising and accepted history supports that lie? Just like men, women are taught that “manly” is strong and good, while “feminine” is weak and subversive; that boys matter more than girls in school, in sports, in family; that women are worth less in the working world; that a woman alone is a pitiful thing, while a man alone is a playa, a swingin’ bachelor, a dawg….

And it is ALL a lie. Please don’t propagate the lie. Women AND men deserve better.

Good job, White Knight.
Apparently, you don’t “know what I mean.”
I don’t know if you are mansplaining to me, or to Wes.
What I said was I like Wes. The reason is I appreciate rudeness, it’s an aspect of truthiness. Sometimes. Don’t have to wonder what he thinks, at the least.
And I said it’s the way guys talk to each other in private. You are a guy presumably. Are you denying it? That guys talk different in front of each other, I mean.
The reason I put don’t be a girl in quotes is to indicate the irony of the term.
Other than that, your opinion about equality is not the same as mine. I don’t sit prim and proper, and some Women, or even Ladies, don’t appreciate that. I’m saying it’s ok to call me a Dick, if I’m being one, or even if I’m not. It’s more complicated than you are putting it. If Wes called her a Cunt to her face, and she “destroyed” him, that is an equal exchange.
It would not be ok to say the same thing about Jo. It would hurt her and she would cry. Presumably. It is ok to pick on strong people. Really. We don’t mind.

Thought some more about it. Everyone complains about their boss behind their back. (Hasty Generalization, I know.)
william : “My boss is a real ____.”
Bill J. :”Oh noes, you can’t say that, your boss is a female!”
In my view, equality isn’t just about rights and privileges, it’s also about Bill J. defending the (pretend) women’s rights and privileges. (I’m marginalizing his veiwpoint. I know in reality he is defending all women, everywheres.)
Seriously, don’t be such a little boy. (see what I did there?)

And then you have Cocksure smart. These have to be taken down with a good stout club once or twice to help keep the peace. You just have to figure out if the club is psychological or physical, but it has to deliver a good sharp shock in such a manner that they realize that there are different types of intelligence out there.

Otherwise they end up like my friend Mike, after smarting off once to often and getting desparate, in the Navy, in a cush job in the Navy because they are smart and then doing Corrosion Detail for as long as it takes to let them realize it isn’t how smart you are, but how willing you are to use your smarts to better the operation.

Basically Ed’s condition but using useless intelligence as your fists instead. It can leave you just as unhireable.

“And a man on top. Why don’t you just put Carol in her place?”

?-? ( ?__?) Yes. Tell me more about how men should keep women in check because men are soooo superior to women. ACTUALLY! Don’t. No one needs your opinion you misogynistic asshole. Like, where does all the stupidity come from? How does it all fit in one tiiiiiiny little brain/head.

Honestly, if Charles doesn’t straighten Wes out (real quick) then I kinda how Reggie or Mike do. I would say Nina or Brooksie but I have a feeling Wes would get it better coming from a man.

Could Jo straighten Wes out? …no, I suppose not. I imagine she would do it with kindness and calm concern about his demeanor. I think by straighten out you mean he needs to be Destroyed like everyone else is saying.
These are pretend people made up by the genius artist. His people are so real, that’s why there are strong reactions.
In my opinion, the truth is there are people like Wes out there. I don’t consider them the problem. It’s the smile and nod racists and misogynists that never get called out because they aren’t advertising it.

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