2036 A Haunting.

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I try to avoid this, but circumstances have forced my hand. If you enjoy the comic I would appreciate it if you would consider pledging a dollar a month to my patreon. (other services are available) It has been the second worse month on my Patreon since it started this month so I need to make up some losses. Ideally 75 or so new one dollar patrons would set things back to about normal. You can choose to pledge more, but it’s safer if the costs are spread out in very small amounts across a huge number of people. I allow a sketch with each pledge & periodically solicit for more if that entices you. Generally speaking I’ll do one for a birthday if you like, & pretty much for any other reason too as long as you don’t take advantage of me. It’s first come first serve & you may have to wait quite some time if 75 people actually step up. Anyway, I don’t like doing this but I need to keep the lights on, so to speak. The comic has always been a hard sell because it doesn’t slot in easily into most categories.


John wasn’t ready for Ninja Jo!

I totally want a shirt that shows’s John’s face saying “CRAP IN A HAT!!”. I hate you. XD

Sent you some sweet, sweet Patreon money, Jackie!

I support as many of my faves as I can for as much as I can… :(

If it were in my power tho, I’d do matching pledges for the people I already support.

Someone had asked, recently about Jo’s eyes:

I think that- during her kid-hood, Jo was in some kind of accident. We haven’t been told what kind of accident yet.
This accident made her eyes two different colors of brown, so…being concerned about ridicule, she sometimes covers her eyes with (blue?) contacts. [There’s 1 color of brown for each eye.]

I think that Jo’s original hair color is almost black, but the accident gave part of her hair a blond/yellowish section, so she sometimes dyes her hair a blue shade, to give her hair a new tint.

Lived with my sister for a while. That house was so dark, and our work schedules were so crazy, I might not see her for days at a time despite sleeping in the same house. She also had these evil barstools on the outside of the kitchen counter that had completely unnecessary knobs that stuck out into the hallway. She knew when I got home or got up by the “Ouch, Damn.” at each barstool. Then I turn around in the utter darkness to hear a disembodied voice inches from my face ask,”You want pancakes?!?” Doesn’t seem like the phrase to induce a heart attack, but it nearly did.

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