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I didn’t really intend to watch quite so much true crime youtube, but over time it just sort of happened. There’s a pretty good chance it’s made me even more paranoid than I already was, but if I were a woman I’d be petrified all the time. Realistically going someplace alone as a woman isn probably not that dangerous if you know the area, but the danger level is never zero. It’s unfortunate that we can’t all trust each other, but that’s reality & it’s important to respect that. Watch out for others, help if you can. Heroes aren’t always made on purpose.


Percentage wise, if you look at the statistics, you’re safe.

However, there’s also, know your area, as there’s a difference between highest murder rate in the US and safest city in the US. Then there’s also, the news scaring people, which they want you to be scared and angry and turned in, but it makes for a much worse scene.

It’s not just know where your city stands. I remember visiting a friend while he was at school and I wasn’t at one point. The city he was going to school in was pretty close to the safest city of that size or larger in the country. He pointed out that over 90% of the reported murders that happened in that city over the prior decade had been committed in a 5 block area that was three blocks from his dorm. Or was that a three block area five blocks from his dorm? I can’t remember.

Just because the city is overall safe does not mean right where you are is safe.

It’s also possibly worth mentioning that even in the safest city, for those people who get murdered, it wasn’t safe. Of course, there’s probably reasons that they were murdered when the people around them weren’t. But Jo happens to resemble one of those reasons that’s unfortunately common in the Midwestern US, specifically one of the ones that doesn’t care about anything the person may have done or not done, apart from the wandering around alone bit.

As a woman, I am statistically more likely to be sexually assaulted by someone I know, and murdered by my husband.

I mean, I wouldn’t wander around a strange city at midnight or anything, and I don’t live in a country with high crime rates, so YMMV.

Re: comic. Jogging does indeed suck,I am with them there.

That unfortunately is very true. Unless you go around really bad neighborhoods with lots of drug use.

I will say this much the ID channel is Lifetime TV on crack and is probably responsible for keeping more than a few men single….

Yikes. Regardless of her looks, she’s still an independent adult. She can dress how she wants. Even being a short, cute female, it’s humiliating to have people treat you less than you are.

Tho she does look younger since the latest story arch started. Her curves have all but disappeared. I can kinda excuse it since she wears baggy clothes and since she is shorter, she is normally shown from the waist up, hiding her hips.

I had to stop watching true crime earlier this year, as I found it was giving me massive loads of anxiety. As fascinating as it can be, it’s not worth the stress..

It doesn’t help working retail to see the harshness of people, and being yelled at by the mentally ill and homeless, as well as some personal trauma mixed in. Yeah, maybe watching stories for months about innocent people getting brutally murdered wasn’t the best idea.

I like true crime shows.

It reminds me of all the extra work I’d have to do to get away with murder. It’s one more thing that keeps people alive. That and coffee.

The User I’m dealing with on the phone right now…would be on the list of people that wouldn’t be missed. No jury would convict me not a true jury of my peers. (embittered cranky old IT workers )

In theory a woman should be able to wander around naked without a problem. In reality the time I saw it happening I called 911 as she appeared to have made a serious error in judgement and was being chased by a fellow with a large knife. Sorry I do not know the end of the story but the police did arrive in time. It happened in Trail BC Canada in 1996ish and unfortunately was also witnessed by my then 10 yr. old son.

Absolutely sexist, but women should be able to be in possession of mace, pepper spray, taser, etc. anywhere.

It’s not fair. The cool air, the sun setting, the stars popping up, the moon shining..Walking around at night can be so lovely. Ruined by monsters.

The danger level is never zero for anyone. It’s not just women who are at risk; ask any man who’s had his wallet taken.

Not many murderers are interested in killing a perfect stranger.
Why would they? You’re nobody of interest to them one way or the other?
Same goes with rapists and child molesters (of which actually exist about 1/100000th as many you could conclude by watching/reading news).
Children are 161 times more likely to be abused by someone they know well (immediate family or close friend of the family) than any stranger… and even more counterintuitive, about 2x more likely to be abused by a woman than by a man.

So really… the most dangerous person to leave a child alone with on the planet… is the one they call “Mommy”.
Not the sort of story that sells newspapers (or higher tech equivalents) to 100 million mothers passing the newsstands though.

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