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I don’t know what was with me today but I kept feeling like it was a lot earlier than it was. Maybe my brain is reacting to the seasonal changes. I woke up sore today. All over. It’s been a while since that has happened. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary yesterday, so I don’t know why I would be sore today. Anyway, I got over it & was fine. I’m so accustomed to feeling unwell that when I feel “normal” it makes me uneasy. Whatever happens the most becomes a person’s normal, so I guess it makes sense that as I switch to feeling better it seems abnormal now. In any case the misreading of time made me late to check on my Animal Crossing town. A small annoyance, but moreso this month since there are more timed events than usual. I feel like I’ve possibly missed out on a new thing. Although if it was really all that important to me I would’ve noticed it sooner.


I guess, maybe, that- their food is cake, or ice cream, with blue frosting in it?

Anybody here even been to Falls Creek? At least back in the 70’s it was kind of a right of passage for a 7th grader. It was the first time I had ever been anywhere for more than a day or two without a family member. For those who aren’t familiar it is a church camp and the largest youth encampment in the United States. At least back then there was significant dichotomy. During much of the day you were in various bible classes where boys and girls were segregated and there was the sort of repressive environment that only grumpy old Baptist deacons can create. Boys weren’t even allowed to be within sight of the swimming pool during the time that the girls had access to the pool. The flip side to all of this is that during leisure time there was plenty of opportunity for unsupervised fraternization and after dusk you couldn’t kick a bush without disturbing some couple making out. With nearly 10,000 kids per week running through that place I’m sure there was a few pregnancies.

I think I know what church the hand of god is based off of, I used to deliver packages out in the capital of KS, and was near the Crazy Church people used to hear about everywhere. The funny thing is one of the houses directly across from it is painted as a rainbow…

Did they cut off God’s hand?! (I’m new.)

I think it is more like they are all finger puppets — or at least that sort of person typically seems like they’ve got something stuck up their ass …

Hm. *ponders a little*
This is just my suggestion, FWIW- to keep the ultra-conservative people from getting their noses out of joint, maybe a line like, “the Hand of god group?…don’t they want help from ALL of him?”, would probably go over better. :)

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