What seems to be forgotten is it is her choice, but his choice to dump her for doing it.

I don’t think he’s discounting his own choice, just admitting he’d have to work through so be certain how he feels about it and if he can deal. He loves her immensely and wouldn’t want to leave her unless he really couldn’t cope. It’s okay to have take time to process emotions.

Well then he’d deserve to miss out on being with her.

Breaking up because he acknowledges he can’t emotionally cope with it is one thing. “Dumping her” for showing her breasts in photos of herself online is a rather different creature.

Heard James Taylor singing about you comic;

Hey my browser’s going to CarolOnly,
Can’t you just see the tan-lines
Makes you wanna share your moonshine,
And don’t you wanna show a friend of mine,
That link where Carol shines?
And we’ll be going to CarolOnly all the time.

I love Thomas’s response. I have said that ALMOST VERBATIM to a significant other in college.

I mean, pictures are one thing. Interacting with other people is another. Taking sexy pictures (for fun/hobby/money) is vastly different from sleeping around.

Still, that trust has to be solid for that to work.. boundaries set and often discussed. I’m certain Carol wouldn’t do anything beyond what was discussed and Thomas would flip out anyway. She’d have to take it slow, I think?

Ha ha, panel 4 is great. I’ve really enjoyed the last few weeks btw.

I took a couple of hours to re-read the first 200 strips of Questionable Content because I sometimes get curious about the big winners in web comics. Man, it actually seems kind of weird by now, almost two decades later. Basically, a jealous drunken domestic abuser moves in with a depressive doormat and beats him up now and then when he gets uppity. Kind of dark if you think of it that way; even so, I still have to say it moves along wittily and briskly.

(Fast forward a few thousand strips and it all resolves with everybody turning LGBT and living happily and cutely ever after. OK.)

That’s… a depressing way to describe what used to be my favorite comic… But yea, that’s about it. Not sure if the part in parentheses is sarcasm or not, but it kinda works either way.

I used to follow QC pretty hard myself but then fell off the bandwagon; I can’t remember why. But returning to it, it was a bit surprising. I didn’t quite remember it that way.

Whatever one thinks of LGBT, I found that development forced and facile, perhaps even political. Could be it’s driven by the hopes and dreams of QC forums/patrons, which last I checked had a strong LGBT faction, though that was a while ago, so don’t quote me on it. Could be it’s just Jeph too.

Having read his news posts, many more than once, and read the comic beginning to current every year for like 10 years now… it seems likely it’s his own personal politics bleeding into the comic. Which is fine. It’s his art, and I still read it regularly. But I agree it’s forced. I cling for a couple of characters, but I don’t see it getting better. So here I am, whining about it on another artists comic page…

I’ve followed this strip since before the colorization and this is only the second time I thought there was a potential for something to come up where Carol strays, or Thomas has crippling anxiety that she can’t handle. What started out as playful interaction turned into something where I feel Carol is showing a less than supportive side than I am used to seeing her have, and honestly it’s making me uncomfortable. I’m a Thomas type (a little less prudish, though) who is with a Carol type and have been burned in the past the same way he has. Rooting for you dude!

You need some friction to keep things rolling, storywise.

Then again, it might just be too harsh a downer to go the route of “Sorry Thomas, you’re just too square and needy for me. You understand, don’t you? But please follow, rate and review my CarolnlyFans. See you around, Tiger!”

Don’t do it Jackie! That wouldn’t be Carol! Or would it?

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