2256 Scrapbooking Of The Dead.

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One of the things that I’ve always found interesting is how where you cut off a character in a frame changes how your brain sees them. Carol in this image has her normal bust size. I measured it versus her previous appearance to make sure I wasn’t remembering it wrong. It seems smaller to my eye when they aren’t bisected by a crop. So oftentimes when I do crop any of the girls their busts read as being too large, so I check & they are identical to how they should be. It’s been going on for years & I’ve never gotten used to this phenomenon I’ve been experiencing the entire time.


Oddly enough, I am wearing the same type and shade of sky blue shirt as Carol, but I lack the impressive chest needed to fill it out like she does.

Got to keep a weather eye on those bustlines, you know. Because…reasons. Technical reasons. I am NOT a pervert! Why does everyone keep suggesting that?? :D

Well, if scrapbooking is your thing, the long deceased are a one-stop-shop. All they’ve got is scraps!

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