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It’s getting harder to find these days, but every so often you can still find passionate people on youtube. I found a channel dedicated to Thomas The Tank Engine lore. I don’t give two shits about that show, but now I know all kinds of random crap about it because the presenter was really passionate about the subject. I don’t want to watch the show, but I have to say I respect the craft.


As a comic book fan the only YouTube comic book channels I watch are Comic Tropes and Casually Comics. Neither are particularly concerned about what’s popular or relevant and instead do in depth videos on the stuff they enjoy including lots of old and obscure stuff.

See, I might be intrigued by this…if it related to the books. I read every one available when I was a wee nipper. The TV shows didn’t appeal because they arrived when I was all grown up.

I’m encouraged that Carol is thinking of still being with him when they’re old. While I like excitement and tribulations in my stories, I very much enjoy happy endings. This is a good foundation for one. Thank you.

For all its flaws one of the great things about YouTube is that it allows people to express their passion for a thing. I enjoy some fairly obscure topics but there is usually someone who has made a video relating to them. Sometimes you have to go through 10 videos of somebody reading an incorrect Wikipedia article with unrelated footage but then when you find that person who digs down to primary source material, even if it is just children’s books, you know you have found a gem. It’s not that the person is the greatest video producer, artist or craftsperson but that they care enough to give it their best shot.

This is why I watched Skallagrim for a few years; I’m not super interested in medieval weapons or martial arts, and I did eventually grew bored, but HE is, and also seems like a super nice guy, so it was enjoyable to see him explore his passion and geek out over gifts that people send him, etc. It’s also why I watched the Cinema Snob for so many years; I’ve lately grown out of him (or really, his show has changed), but it’s not as though I ever watched practically any of the movies he reviewed, but man, he loves low-budget exploitation movies and really gets into talking about them. He appreciated the schlock, while still recognizing it as schlock (instead of trying to act like it’s secretly brilliant and you just don’t get it). It’s unfortunate that my passion tends to be stuff that makes people fight–hard to share.

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