2011 Inner Line.

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Usually I can’t convince myself to sleep but today I couldn’t stop. I have had my sleep interrupted for 3 days in a row. Tornados on sunday, throwing out carpet on Monday, & a video call from my nephew today. Now my body is telling me to sleep in ways I recognize instead of the usual random weeping or whatever other bullshit it was doing for the past 5 years. Even now I need to get up and do stuff, but my brain is sleepy. If I go back to sleep I’m going to end up with a headache. On the other hand, the novelty of being recognizably sleepy is very tempting.


Well, hey. A circle is just a line that’s bent back around.

It’s all math – trigonometry to be exact.
A circle can be defined by two points – one at it’s centre and one anywhere along it’s circumference.
Three points can do the same if plotted along it’s circumference.


That’s a weird, but interesting way, for a nerd to pick up a girl. “Hey baby. Did you know you’re the focal point upon which my plotted point rotates?”

A lotta women in my town will have me arrested…if I go around flirting…and talking about my ” plotted point “! XD

Hi Jackie,
Thanks for putting a drawing of Jo, w/ Evrina’s body, on twitter. :)
Jo looks good, with that look.

I’m not on Twitter – so did Jess like the look, as Jo thought? Ü

Another option is-
you can see the picture, by looking at Jackie’s twitter account.
Pardon me if you already have done this type of thing, but-
you can see someone’s twitter account, without having your own twitter account. C’est tout.

I laughed way too much at “As part of your so called circle, I’m taking my role seriously.”

Three years later, I’m going through the archives, and I get to make my nerd joke. Some grumpy mathematicians were arguing about the correct name for a polygon with two sides. One suggested the obvious Greek term, but the rest disagreed because they couldn’t let bigons be bigons.

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