Why is it always pears? Whenever anyone parodies Apple they never use more mainstream fruit, it’s always pears or pineapples or something like that.

There is Actually a Pear OS, It’s a version of Linux designed to look like (and somewhat function like) a Mac

Huh, she’s emailing him a TXT but her emaily program says it’s an Office document.

Oh hey, that flips the DOSism that .doc was almost always plain text.

It’s annoying trying to browse DOS files on Windows. :) I used to put Notepad shortcuts everywhere for drag & drop, but now I tend to use command-line tools ported from Plan 9 From Bell Labs.

a 948kb txt file… that’s 970,752 characters… with an assumed average word length of 5 characters per word (make that 6 with spaces, and 6.4 with occasional punctuation like periods, commata and indicators for direct speech), that’s… 151,680 words. Damn, girl. That’s not a fanfic, that’s a novel.

What is it about Nina that is so damn attractive? Honestly! You know how to draw a woman, Kudos. Much Kudos indeed…

No CC for Brooksie or Carol? Sadface. Though perhaps she wants to see Thomas’ reaction before letting the other two read it?

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