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There was a tornado a few miles north of the house today. It kind of threw my day off because of the warnings & prepping I needed to do in case things went bad. Usually at the start of tornado season I put all the stuff I want to survive with me into a carrying case, but I hadn’t got it sorted this time yet, so stuff was scattered around. I’ve also been sleeping in the day so that totally fucked me over. Anyway I got the page done in spite of all this & now I think I’ll sleep a little more.


In 3rd-Panel_2nd-Word-Balloon, “AFTER” is missing a “T”.

Mother fucker, I must’ve deleted it when I was fixing another typo…

Well, at least the store wasn’t given the Stephen King’s spooky, + famous number, 1408!

47.9S-126.43W – I recommend ample garnishing >D

Okay, I know I’m dense, but can someone explain that? Coordinates? My google earth isn’t working, take pity on me.

I think those fictional, map coordinates, are for the island of R’lyeh.

In some of H P Lovecraft’s monster stories- R’lyeh is a magic island, that sometimes rises above the sea. when the island rises, the evil…giant monster, named “Cthulhu”, is on that island…and when he and the island rise, he eats any humans that he finds on that island.

This link to a site about the card game, “Lost in R’yleh”, talks more about the island of R’lyeh:


Cheers. :)

Radio Shack #1284, Waterford Connecticut. It had to compete with a store in a mall on the other side of town, and another, larger one just as close the next city over. My manager got his first store when his predecessor and his assistant had a “Managers’ Sale” and the FBI caught up with them at the Mexican border. He got the Waterford store when Corporate frog-marched that manager out. We started making a profit the first month and pulled it off pretty regularly for two years.

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