Uh….this seems like a very poorly timed comic…

How so?

They’re referring to Gabrielle Petito. She went on a cross country trip with her boyfriend, and only he came back home. Shortly before she’s thought to have been killed, police pulled over the van they were traveling in, and Petito looked visibly upset. They believe that they found her body the day that the comic was posted.

Jackie – I respect you so much. And Lord knows your work ethic alone speaks volumes to the respect you have for both your audience and yourself. So I can’t help but ask if there’s something we can do to help you during this time?

Not really. Unless you have lots of expendable income to throw at me. XD No one outside can really do anything. The money won’t even do all that much, I just like having money. I appreciate the sentiment, but things are rough for everyone right now. I’m not exempt from that. This is just my version of rough times.

As somebody who has just inherited a pair of Special-Needs grandkids, I can appreciate the alarming frequency with which Shit occurs in life.

And needing to deal with the Shit.

The *literal* Shit.

Drippy, runny, sticky, nasty Shit.

Nah, there’s the jealous type that needs to check your phone messages, have access to your logins, needs constant updates to your current location (reasonable, unless you’re supposed to check in every 20min), gets insecure at having attractive friends, etc. Which can eventually escalate into the murdery type.

It’s one thing to willfully share, another to have expectations that were never discussed.

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