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Well, it looks like this disruption is going to go on for another week, in some form at least. I don’t intend to resume the proper storyline until I know I can work on it properly. I may wrap up this interlude up & start another, or something else. I’m not sure right now. Everything is stil up in the air & some level of damage has been done to me that will have to heal. In any case there will be content here as long as I’m still alive to post it.


All body-related horrors aside, I’m rather enjoying this plotline. It’s an issue for a lot of people today.

Though honestly, the chances of you being “really famous” after you “get noticed” is now a lot less than it ever was. Platforms like YouTube have opened up fame, but even PewdiePie can probably go to the store without getting mobbed by fans. Fame has become somewhat more diffuse than it once was.

What I was thinking. Besides that, lots of people with great voices don’t get noticed, long before youtube and they were noticed.

Worry not about returning to the story — just hanging out with the characters that you’ve embued with such emdearingly human personalities is a fine interlude. You will be all right, or at least back to what passes for normal nowadays.

I keep forgetting that this isn’t part of the story.

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