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It’s getting to the point where when I get to the time to post these I can’t think straight enough to really talk about what I wanted to earlier in the day. At the moment I have to got field another disaster, so I guess I’ll just leave it here.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Nina tried flirting with him at some point.

That’s what that look of hers tells me too. “I’ve seen it because I was the one doing it”.

That was my thought on it. I thought she was doing some of it now really.

Also my first thought. “It’s been happening for the last ten minutes.”

The two of them seem to have a very flirty friendship, that doesn’t mean either of them wants more than friendship from the other, just that flirtation is a specific mode of communication and while many people treat it like it only exists for hitting on people, it doesn’t, I flirt with my friends all the time, and vice versa, and we know nothing is gonna happen because we’re not attracted to each other (to my knowledge), but flirting is fun, especially when reciprocated.

Granted, I don’t think Thomas realizes that what he does is flirting, largely due to the connotations of the word.

That penny has been dropping for so long now that has passed terminal velocity and is probably even passed escape velocity

Terminal velocity is equilibrium velocity between gravitational acceleration and atmospheric breaking. So it’s necessarily lower than the maximum theoretical velocity due to gravitational acceleration (which is the same absolute value as escape velocity – but the opposite direction). Since most significant gravitational fields have an associated concentration of mass at their center, accelerating through them to almost escape velocity is quite hard, atmospheric breaking making it entirely impossible. Therefore to accelerate a penny to escape velocity, it’s not enough to drop it, no matter how long you do it.

Not necessarily true. If you were to drop a penny in the right place out near Neptune’s orbit by the time it hit the Earth’s atmosphere its speed would far exceed Earth escape velocity. If you were accurate enough you could even have it run through the upper atmosphere for just long enough to glow red hot before skipping off to be lost in space.

The escape velocity of a gravitational system is defined as the maximum speed an object would reach if it was dropped from an infinite distance to the center of the system, neglecting all other forces. (Or equivalently, the speed it needs to start at the center to reach an infinite distance at 0 velocity.) So by definition, simply dropping an object isn’t ever enough to exceed escape velocity, some other force is required.

The reason you could drop a penny from Neptune and exceed Earth’s escape velocity is because the Earth is embedded in a larger gravitational system, the solar system, which has a lot more mass and therefore a higher escape velocity. The correct escape velocity to compare to in that instance is the escape velocity of the solar system, which cannot be exceeded by simply dropping an object.

This is effectively like saying you can drive faster than the speed of light, because physicists discovered a medium in which the speed of light is 30 mph. You still can’t drive faster than the speed of light in the same context.

That being said, I think the original joke worked well enough.

The joke worked even better for me.
I had a bet with one of my kids that someone would pick up on the scientific aspect of what is an exercise in hyperbolic metaphor.
The internet has justified my faith in it once again! :)

It doesn’t matter how perceptive and insightful you are, every man has the flirting blind spot. No exceptions.

So true. What we have all missed, lurking in that blind spot…


Love him or hate him, qka is spitting straight facts.

(relevant apologies added if you are not actually a him. the reference called for a definite term)

And why is it that ladies are most likely to flirt with us when we are already involved with another lady, especially in the context of a more or less defined social circle? E.g., Nina flirting with Thomas when he is involved with Carol within the world of their Megatainment store? Extrapolating from experience, if Thomas wasn’t with Carol, Nina wouldn’t be interested in him.

Is it some sort of intraspecific competition among the females?

Is it that they somehow how mark us males with a “Good Housekeeping” sort of seal of approval, that makes us interesting to other females?

Or, quite possibly, it’s just that we’re borderline clueless.

This hit close to home. The few relationships that I have been in have been initiated by the woman and in all cases they actually had to use their words to explain to me that they were interested in me. One woman actually said the following: “dude, don’t you get that I am hitting on you?” Luckily she found my reply of “No I did not please continue,” charming, and not idiotically stupid. I was handheld through a 25 year marriage which produced 2 children. Turns out that at age 64 when no longer as useful as it once may have been, I have been diagnosed as on the autism spectrum. Seems crystal clear from this side of my life, in my younger days I had thought myself the paragon of normality. Cheers Ulrich

This absolutely resonates with me. I’ve always been quite oblivious, but because characters in the cartoons I watched were even more oblivious than me, I figured I was just how normal went for the most part.

Fast-forward to when I was 26, and a couple of friends of mine diagnosed on the spectrum asked me if I was as well. I initially scoffed, but the next two weeks was full of realizations and revelations that so much of my life makes more sense from the angle of me being on the spectrum.

I still haven’t been diagnosed (lack of funds to see a therapist about it), but I’m certain that I would be.

Occasionally hindsight will suspect perhaps that was a flirt. But at the time my default internal reaction is a suspicious: Who are you? How do you know my name? What do you want? Answer questions as brief as possible, do not volunteer any information. They usually go away before too long.

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