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Trying to string thoughts together is really a trick at this hour. I wrote this early in to mornign when I could grab a minute. Cobbled the art together 2 minutes ago. In between those times was a blur of perpetual low grade annoyans and sleepiness. I don’t think I can be interesting at the moment. My eyes want to roll back into my skull forever. I don’t know what I’ll post on monday. Maybe I can end this filler series, maybe it goes on for another FUCKING week. It’s and adventure for all of us. Joine me, shall you?


The ride has been enjoyable and smooth from my side, so I’ll take the invitation, please.

Also, please let yourself rest, Jackie. If you need to dial back a bit and not post next week, we’ll be here when you’re back and refreshed. Please don’t burn yourself out.

And for anyone who’s reading this and can help, please think about supporting Jackie through patreon or subcribestar! For those who can’t, spreading the word and drawing awareness to the comic is also a good way to go, I think. What little we the fans can do is to help as much as possible in these tough times.

See you whenever you’re back, Jackie. please think of your self-care. I think we all will be waiting. I know I will.

May I say, your “filler” is better then at least 80% of the other web comics I am aware of. Your plots are deep and interesting with well done plot twists, Your art is, I want to say comfy, but that is not strong enough. Your art makes me think of curling up on a perfectly broken in couch under my great grandmas hand made quilt with a cup of hot cocoa, that level of comfy…
Please know, there have been many days where knowing there is a new post here is the brightest point in my day.
Take care of you, you are important to many people, make art when you can, Know there are people looking forward to the time they get to spend in your world

honestly i read alot of webcomics. your filler is above alot of their normal stories

also i can relate to Thomas here

It’s kind of a six-of-one sort of thing.

On the one hand, the idea of dudes constantly checking out your lady and her various bits is infuriating beyond measure. The notion that said lady is inviting this behavior is almost worse.

On the other, it’s kind of NOT infuriating. Kind of even trends toward empowering. This is the ass which you tap, and you alone tap, so behold it in all its glory, rabble who may never know what I know! Muwhahahahaahaaa!

Being supportive is also important and extra cash never hurts. Being directly involved in the manufacture of even light porn is kind of a squick, though.

It is a surprisingly complex decision, at the end of the day.

One strip that I used to really like went into filler that the artist said was only going to be 2-3 posts from time to time. After the _seventeenth_ straight excruciatingly banal one dropped, I stopped reading. Yours, on the other hand, I keep forgetting _are_ fillers. Two people shooting the breeze is perfectly acceptable characterisation. If you’re worried about the art (and you shouldn’t be), remember that Dinosaur Comics became and remains one of the most beloved and long running (nearly 20 years now!) webcomics on the back of the same 6 panels of clip art for nearly every strip.

The “fillers” are so well done that I don’t realise they are fillers until I read your apology … Just accept that your “fillers” fit quite well into the “regular” comics. Maybe a time will come when you need extra effort to move the story along; you may well feel in better shape then. You really can stop apologizing and have faith in your fans; we have faith in you.

We have made it into the 30s people were sitting at 38, let’s keep pushing and prove good comedy can beat porn and cheesecake!!!!

For an ensemble cast character-focussed comic, conversations are not really fillers, they are what build the readers’ interest in the characters. I can think of at least one comic where the characters have stopped having side conversations, and it really is missed.

Main comment: Jackie, I would NEVER have known these were filler cobbled together from existing art if you hadn’t told us. As many have said, your filler beats most strips out there – heck it’s better than some installments of strips I read regularly but don’t always hit on all cylinders, if you know what I mean.

Second comment: Hendrik, onlyfans is NOT getting desexualized. On the surface, a revolt from users on both sides of the content divide was immediate and HUGE – and as it turns out, and it had been a provision required by their bank, who backed off once they saw the reaction.

The comic wasn’t made from pre-existing art, I believe Jackie saying he cobbled it together was just his commenting on the haphazard way he feels he made it. The art is original, Jackie is just venting his exasperation at the way his working conditions are at the moment.

Not that his frustration shows on his product, in my opinion. The character art is as good as ever, and the abstracted backgrounds not only don’t detract from the scene but also can well be overlooked in light of him making comics for us just as regularly as ever while having to deal with his troubles. Honestly, given everything that must be going on and the quality of these, I think they’re amazing strips.

No, he’s right. It’s just old pages edited to fit the text. It requires very little actual drawing, which I can’t sit down and focus on long enough to do.

Jeez, fooled me right along. I retract my first paragraph, sorry for being contrarian Stephen. But I still keep the second one nonetheless!

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