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I didn’t necessarily intend for this to become a series, but seeing as I’m desperate for content I may as well explore the premise.
This may go on for another week. I just can’t say at the moment.

Oh man, I didn’t notice how fucked up the page is…. I’ll have to fix that in the morning…

Okay, slept just enough to get this fixed…


If Jo wants to be cute and get paid to play Xbox, wouldn’t Twitch be the logical choice over OnlyFans?

But Twitch is live video, and Brooksie’s personality isn’t best-suited for interacting with her fans that most Twitch streamers do. If anything, Jessica would take over Brooksie’s Twitch channel just because of her personality.

OnlyFans is mostly pictures, and Brooksie can definitely be cute. Besides, she doesn’t have to pose nude for OnlyFans, lots of costumes and the occasional risque photo, especially depending on who’s holding the camera, and she could have a decent OnlyFans following.

Honestly? If this goes on for another week, or another year, that’s pretty much fine by me. Do what it takes to get better, and we the readers & fans will be here cheering you on. And who knows, maybe showing support some other ways… Like patreon. Or subscribestar, which also exists. Anyway! We’ll be here for how many weeks of bonus comics (I tend to think of them that way) are to come, and we will like it.

Jo fans would watch her for a week, for sure. And if she did something cute with her cat ears on, even longer. Of course, even Jo just being Jo is cute. Jo, Avatar of Adorable. More Jo, yes, please!

Hey, Jackie, just wanna say, this content is fine and as good as what’s to be found in a lot of the other webcomics I read (we aren’t exclusive,hope that doesn’t come as a surprise…)If this is what its like when you’re off your game, you could probably do a passable webcomic in your sleep.

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