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I’ll probably just do these ridiculous one off pages that don’t fit in anywhere in particular in continuity until things get sorted out. Some of it might not even technically be able to happen in the “true timeline” so to speak. Anyway, I enjoy the weird dynamic that Jo & Thomas have because of all the cast members they like really childish, goofy, humor & outlandish concepts the most. Fancy Backside made me laugh a lot longer than it should have, which is how it got the #3 spot on her list. Obviously these choices imply that Jo thinks her most attractive feature is her butt. What it actually is is a subject for debate, but in her mind that’s her selling point. In reality I think it’s more of a total package kind of thing with any person, and then there’s a focus on whatever part your fetishize, but that’s as may be.


Jackie: “Due to reasons I need to stop writing Between Failures for a bit.”
Fans: Oh no!
Jackie: “So instead I’ll draw a bunch of one-off gag pages for a bit.”
Fans: (insert “Absolute Win.jpg meme)

Here I thought we were just getting zero updates for a bit. This is perfectly fine, great even!

I’m always going to try to have content here 3 days a week. I take this seriously.

And if ever there is a day when you can’t, we the readers will know that it was for the best and hope you’re taking good care of yourself. We’re grateful for every single page you give us here. Please don’t run yourself ragged!

I like “Spicy Brown”, but “Madame Rumpadore” would be funny if every episode had a skit where Jo, dressed as a proper 19th or early 20th century Lady would get involved in hijinks in which her bottom would be exposed to some degree. See Benny Hill or Monty Python for ideas.

I’m not going to lie, Spicy Brown sounds like a bad night after hot tacos or something. Madame Rupmadore, on the other hand, could be a good handle.

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