786 My Baby Shot Me Down.

I like playing around with the characters’ hair, like if they just had a bath, or what have you.  It makes you look at them differently.  Like if someone who wears glasses takes them off.  It’s strange how we grow accustomed to stuff like that.  I try to mess that up from time to time.

I really liked the idea of the story shifting from Thomas telling the story to Jo to him having been telling the larger story to Carol.  It felt very cinematic to me.   I hope it reads that way once people see it all in a row.

I really wish I could think of something worth talking about.   I really enjoyed everyone’s writings about some of the more verbose recent journals.  I find you all interesting.  XD


Hey JT, after finishing both Mass Effects, which race do you like the most?

Apart from humans or including them? Also why do you ask?

Yes, apart from humans. I ask because I like hearing from people who played the games about favorite races, characters, and so on. Just curious is all :)

They’re all kind of interesting. I’m not sure how to set them in a hierarchy. I played with Wrex and Tali the most in one and Mordin and Thane most in two. It was always a hard choice because I wanted to bring more than two people with me most of the game. Quarrians seemed the easiest to get along with though.

Clearly this is fastforward/fasttravel.. but… how the hell did we end up here? No segway? No transition, just bloop, yer here in an aparment!
*now awaits ever-cliche flashback sequence*
You will get a cookie if you don’t use one.

Speaking as a person who wears glasses, I find it hilarious every time I enter a room wearing contacts and none of my friends recognize me. Extra points if my fro is cut as well.

I recently got my hair cut (it grows fast, so I had shoulder length hair in about eight months, due mainly to an overabundance of overtime cutting into my haircutting schedule… Also I get off work at midnight, so not a lot of hair places open.) and no one noticed for almost three days. When I take my glasses off people say I look stoned, but still recognize me almost immediately. Someday I may have to try shaving, but I have a weak and characterless chin, so I don’t want o go inflicting that on the world…

For the full cinematic effect you almost need to have the camera pan illusion. You have the shot of all three sitting in the car, and blink to a close up of Thomas’ face. From that shot you have the word balloon with Carol’s statement/question. Camera pans left, while widening, revealing that Thomas is now hatless, and not in the car any longer. Carol reveals from the other room and presto! About a three panel mental motion illusion of a similar cinematic technique. Of course, doing that is harder (and the close up of the face all but gives it away). That being said, the instant pop-over works well on the web, but in the print version it’s going to cause a lot of page flipping and/or inspecting the book for a missing page somewhere, mainly because it is a somewhat jarring transition.

That being said, it’s also about three extra panels, or at least one more (first two panels could take up one panel space, the differing sized panels themselves offering a change of perspective that creates yet another mental notification of change.

Also, I spend probably way too much time thinking about just this sort of thing. Not in this specific situation, mind, but… yeah.

And while I’m here, I might have accidentally gotten myself involved in a movie. I told a friend about an idea, ended up writing it down for him, and he wants to turn it into a film school project. Just my luck, I can’t get published in non-pornographic media, but I can get a script made into a short film… Why couldn’t it be the other way around?

Last panel Thomas looks a bit too much like early morning Ed. It’s kind of hard for me to not see it. I do like the mix-up in appearances though, always nice to have a fresh breath now and again.

Hmm, Carol and Tom, both half-dressed (making some assumptions on Tom’s side) and being cute with each other…I immediately approve of this page.

That said, suddenly shifting perspective was an interesting choice of story movement. A little jarring (there was a brief moment where I wondered if I’d missed a page) but still easy to pick up before it becomes too much so, and I think it’ll translate well into the archives. :3

Carol’s damp look adds a nice dimension of reality to things, and it’s neat seeing her a little different. Of course, now you’ve got me thinking what several of the characters would look like with glasses.

Glasses, the ULTIMATE accessory.

I’ve worn glasses since I was seven (hurm… almost 47 years) and it took a while to convince myself that I didn’t become Super when I took them off. Tying a blanket across my shoulders didn’t help much, either. Edna was right: “No capes!”

Nice scene swap. I saw this last night after it posted, but I didn’t leave a comment. The reason was that I just hit my car into a wall(break lines went out)

Carol’s hair looks good like that. It makes me wonder how her hair would look if it was past her shoulders.

Mild question, where do you come from? It’s the 27th where I am (in Canada) while people posted it was posted on the 27th and people are now commenting on the 28th. :)

I loved the transition. I don’t know how often you’ve been updating, but I just read the last 3 panels all at once because I didn’t have time to get online last week. I thought it was really smooth – don’t know from “cinematic”, but it works great and closed the scene at the old schoolyard really nicely. Great work!

Thomas looks Significantly more muscular in panel 4. Did carol slip him some spinach “Between panels?”

Say Crave, did you have anything special in mind 1000 th page. It is kind of early but the thought did cross my mind to ask so I figured I better before I forget.

Wow, the art shift couldn’t be more obvious. It’s like you made this page before the past many or the previous pages were scribblier to represent “darkness” or “flashback” or something. Or maybe you’ve been sick and I haven’t been reading the journals often enough to know.

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