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The new Scooby Doo show has an episode that spotlights the “Scooby Doo formula”.  Scooby Doo wasn’t the first time they tried the formula, it’s just the one that worked.  My favorite version of the teen mystery solvers show, apart from Scooby Doo, is Funky Phantom.  It’s so gloriously terrible.  The phantom is essentially Snagglepuss as a dead colonial.  Which is something Hanna Barbera did a few times.  Meaning repurposing a personality for a new property.  The voice itself is lifted from a real actor, which led to a lawsuit eventually.

Which reminds me of Foghorn Leghorn, the loud rooster from Looney tunes.   He’s a ripoff of a popular radio show character from around the time Legghorn was created.  Of course few remember the original character.  You can look it up on Wikipedia.  They paint the story more kindly than I have, but it is what it is.  For whatever reason that was cool back in the day.  You’d be in big trouble if you tried that shit today.

Can you imagine making a cartoon character of, say, Ray Romano?  Except it’s not him, it just talks like him?  Can you imagine the shitstorm?  I may have written about this before because it kind of fascinates me.  Our culture has changed so much since that time.  I wonder if it still happens and I just haven’t seen a new example.


American dad has “detective turlington” who is based on Forest Whitaker’s of character “Jon Kavanaugh” from “the shield”

He is voiced by Forest Whitaker however…so I guess that makes my point invalid.

I was thinking he was going to go with family angle and say he wanted a baby…not sure why my mind went that way.

Its true, he is far to sarcastic to be Fred. The new Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc. shows Fred is a leader but a moron who misses most jokes. Also, I have money on Reggie being Scooby, assuming they let him into the main team

I can accept Reggie as Scrappy, but then who’s Scooby? If you say Mike then you’re being a dick, making the heavy-set guy be the character with the biggest appetite

hey man shaggy has at least as big an appetite as scooby and besides there’s still Nina, Ed, and Jessica I say either Ed or Nina is Scooby

Eh…..Ed’s too headstrong, which is somethin you don’t see from Shaggy or Scooby unless you give em Scooby Snax (I’m goin by original Scooby Doo, not the new generation…and I’m 16 goin on 17, XD) Nina’s more like a wise Velma (somewhat, so don’t kill me, k? lol) . It’s hard to say whether Jessica should actually count in the main group, otherwise she’d just be a Daphne. Jo is a Fred (refer to the story arc before this one where Jo wanted to make a movie. Read the WHOLE ENTIRE ARC, then you’ll see why she’d make a god Fred). Thing is, tho…Fred is somewhat of a….dick (he seems like it to me :\)so it’d be pretty hard to imagine Joe being a dick while devising clever traps and screenplays that would bring a tear to Tarantino’s eye. Besides….Reggie and the new guy are shaggy and Scooby (they’re just not loved, is all XD)

Ed is more of a Scrappy. Thing is, Ed can back his threats up

Why do we even have to go by the Scooby doo formula. There are lots or cartoon teams from Hanna Barbera just watch the laugh olympics to see all of them in one place.

Venture brothers, the voice of Henchmen 24 is pretty much Ray Ramono.

I was wondering who would catch that first. XD

Damn, I was hoping I would be the first person to call that. Oh, and Hunter Gathers is just a transexual Hunter S. Thompson.


Of course, the ‘Uncle Duke’ character in Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury is also a parody of Hunter S. Thompson, or specifically, Thompson’s autobiographical character ‘Raoul Duke’ from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Thompson never overcame his dislike of the characterization, although apparently he came to grips with it toward the end of his life.


Doesn’t surprise me about Hanna-Barbara ripping off other characters/concepts. “The Yellow Submarine”‘s style done by Hanna-Barbara was ripped off from another animation, forget the name tho. Had to watch both of those in college for a “History of animation” class. On Foghorn Leghorn: Love the character, even if it was ripped from a radio dj’s personality. Love the Gieco commercial where they say he’d be a terrible audio novel narrator. I’d pay good money to hear a novel narrated by Foghorn Leghorn. Especially the way they do it in that commercial with his little side commentaries.

OMG!! I thought panel 3 from “786 My Baby Shot Me Down,” was a show-stopper! I love the pose in panel 1. And the transitional dodge of the romantic/erotic scene this side story prevents/insinuates keeps us guessing/imagining what did go down.

Devious and gentlemanly while still maintaining your PG/PG-13 rating less is sometimes more, my congratulations Crave! Carol hasn’t had such a hot scene since “638 Sexy Back!” If there wasn’t so many people up in my house I’d go pounce on misty right now.

And the “wet hair from the shower,” effect was a great idea and easier to pull off with short hair. But I still like her hair long like you did in “Past Future Carol”… ;)-

I concur, such deliciousness kept this side of tasteless is very admirable, besides its what the mind infers that makes art interesting.

on the topic of Scooby-Doo, the newer iterations of the show suck major testes, I love the original so much the music and goofy antics, and the celebrity cameo’s(they had the tv adams family and vincent price SEVERAL TIMES which makes them bad-ass in my book

Long time reader, first time poster. I just wanted to say : those thighs!

Carol is like my Fiance only with bigger boobs and shorter hair. I love the way you draw her.

I remember hearing somewhere that Lorenzo Music, the guy who voiced Garfield in the Garfield and Friends cartoon, had decided that Bill Murray was the ideal goal of deadpan for the character, and the entire series was him doing his best impression thereof. Which becomes all the more amusing when you consider Bill Murray got the part when they were doing the computer animated Garfield movies…

And while wikipedia doesn’t supply me with any corroborating evidence for the first bit of trivia, Lorenzo Music was also the first voice of Peter Venkman in the Ghostbuster cartoon. So, you know. There was SOMETHING going on there.

TVTropes is your friend in this situation. He was the first Venkman, but Murray had him fired because he made Venkman sound too much like Garfield. So…it was kinda funny when Murray got the Garfield role.

I would have to put Nina as the Daphne (cute and overall clueless) and Carol as the Fred of the group or Mike would be the other obvious choice for Fred (leading without a direction in mind), and if anyone is scrappy I would have to give it to Ed (always ready to fight …)

Ah…you ninja’d me for the Daphne and Scrappy.

But I wouldn’t exactly put Mike as Fred….Carol, yes, but not Mike

Tiny Toons/Animaniacs did this all the time. Heck, a quarter of the show was characters riffing off other characters or actors.

You know, the whole baby angle could world here. There’s nothing more endearing than two co-workers that actually do care for each other and having a precious little “oopsie”….

Disney’s films “spoofed” famous, film actresses- in 2 of the Disney, cartoon films.

I believe: Bettie Davis was the inspiration for the villainous, stepmother in Cinderella [R], and [in 1961?]- Katherine Hepburn was the inspiration for-the villain who wanted to skin dogs to make fur coats, in 101 Dalmations [R].

I’m guessing that 1] neither actress was [asked] if Disney could spoof them, and 2] I imagine that neither actress was thrilled by being made, “the bad guys”, in these two films. :)

(I think before 1970- Sylvester the Cat is in a cartoon, where- he chases a mouse that looks and dresses like Katherine Hepburn, but that’s another story. The mouse says things like: “CHEESE! I just love CHEESE! Realllly I do!”. )

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