785 Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

In the first draft of this story this was, more or less, the last page.  The inclusion of Jo changed that.  I like each of these parts to have a feeling of closure.  Like, a capstone that says “This is the end of this part”.  I’m not sure what my success rate is, but whatever.  I try at any rate.  The new ending has a fun scene with Carol and Thomas.  I’m not really sure why I keep writing these things so they take place over the course of a day, more or less, but it seems to work alright.  I think I should release each one as a book for itself rather than just arbitrary pages.  The shorter stories will be less expensive.  Anyway, something to think about.


That’s far worse than what I thought the story was gonna be.

I just figured that the car belonged to Mrs. Nesbit herself, and that she left it to Thomas in her will. Like, it was her ghost haunting it for some reason.

OMG I know that expression on John’s face; when the little girl the guy never notices is suddenly all over him. Not that she hasn’t been all over him before.

Judging by the lack of rot in the seat he had that bit replaced. Great atmosphere for creepy stories ^^

For a second, I thought you were going to go with the “soldier dies overseas, leaves car”bit, like that country song I really like but can’t recall the name of.

Mechanic family, and a car that honks on it’s own. Next thing you know Thomas is related to the Witwickies in some way :D

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